1. she sent him a message few days after the killing and yet she killed him in self defence as she claimed …….just this …death too good for you murderer live the rest of your filthy life in your cage

  2. I don’t understand why people refer to her as beautiful or stunning or anything like that. And I’m talking just purely from a looks perspective… She is none of those things. Even if she wasn’t a killer it was a nicest person in the world… She would still not be attractive.

  3. there is one thing i admire about ancient days, they would have killed her by now, all this evidence no evidence stuff is unneccesary, she killed a man she had the motive that’s enough, execute her, i want to go back to those days i really do

  4. Jodi got played! The real hero is Detective Flores. During his interrogation he led her to believe that he thought there were intruders. This made her believe that she could admit being at the murder scene but still maintain her innocence. He knew the “ninja” story would go nowhere.

    • Luv2LuvEm hilarious! 😂 she really thought she was going to convince the jury with her ‘sweet’ voice and by being smartass with Juan Martinez. Good one Jodi

  5. She’s a very angry person. She felt played by him and only a psychopath could do what she did to him. She’ll die in prison.

  6. What better punishment than LIFE!! Wonderful, well done 👍 🥳
    Death would have been a gift for this monster!.


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