1. I would have been soooo happy if a pandemic prevented me from going to prom in high school. If I am being honest I do not remember much about it. Just the venue, my gf at the time, and that terrible song they always play at the end(friends forever I think). Funny how that song is totally wrong, haven’t engaged with HS people in at least a decade. Oh yeah, one guy brought his x-box in costume, best part of the night. It was 2005 so consoles were far more relevant.

  2. I don’t know if John Krasinski is watching or looking at this feed, but I so appreciate his positive and humorous reporting and approach to this crisis. I have posted his videos to my 8th Grade Google Classroom to keep things upbeat and to help my students remember for what we are thankful. I love what he did for high school seniors in helping them create a virtual prom. I have 8th graders who, this week, just really realized their 8th grade promotion, end of year activities, including their 8th grade dance (we don’t have other dances at our school, so this is it in three years of middle school) will now not be happening. I think there has been a period of transition in which my 8th grade students thought this was not real, or it would end, and this past week, it became very real. I had more emails from parents/caregivers this week, communicating their worry in regards to their students emotional well being. John’s video of the virtual prom helped me realize that we can make this happen for our students. Thanks for the inspiration.


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