1. this race bater is so stupid. stop lying on the great one. he acted as he should with the evidence when his administration reacted and called out how these states that lacked equipment were given money to stock pile, where the fucking money??? next the time line he provided during his Thanos moment scorching the backwards media says a lot of the bias against his administration. your race bating isn’t going to work anymore. more and more people are seeing through the crap. oh, you don’t like a president calling it like it is, sorry not sorry fuckers. this is what America needs, a Alpha. no room for these betas!! hail trump! btw im brown and im proud!!!

    • That’s deflecting the responsibility Trump had. It doesn’t matter what she or you or I would have done differently. What matters is what Trump did, and he failed miserably. Anyone that still defends him after all of his lies and BS is delusional.

  2. Haha like Biden or Bernie who have let all the boarders open well into March. Why are you give her a platform to lie.

  3. I love the way they all peddle bullshit an show you how fast you forget about the dirty shit they did in office. Their is no honest politician their all schemers.

  4. If Trump looses this election due to coronavirus. please remember that “it took millions of lives for removing him”… u r just conspiring with china to remove him..

  5. Why Biden? He’s the worst choice. You failed us when you backed him. I will not be voting Democrat or Republican again. I was all in for the Dems until you all fawned after Biden. He’s just another good ole boy that does what he is told. There’s zero initiative there.

  6. You mean how the media downplayed everything and the labeled him a racist for shutting down the borders and travel bans?

  7. I think there is no question whatsoever that Kamala Harris mismanaged her campaign. Vice giving her so many easy questions due to liberal love-in

  8. Donald Trump has divided the country. He has done nothing while he’s been president but wasted money on a wall that doesn’t stop thing

  9. She is right by saying that, Trump had the opportunity since January to lock down the country and to respond properly

    • she’s also an idiot and a corporate puppet.

      She could have prosecuted the CURRENT Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchkin from shady dealings he did with banks in California.
      So now, he’s the guy that said Americans can live off of a one time payment of $1200 lol

      The irony is, she’s writing a letter to him now to ask that the $1200 NOT be allowed to be taken up by credit collectors as money owed back to the U.S. government.

      Yep, that Harris is so good eh?

      Youtube – Jimmy Dore and Secular Talk

      You’ll learn a LOT about your so called government.

  10. More people die from car accidents and no one stops driving their own cars 🤦🏻‍♂️. Where’s u bleeding hart for everyone else that dies every day.

  11. If Prs. Trump abandoned is role as president is not bad, he’s sick and tired of people like you @ Harris. And now he wish to be a fisherman because no one will give him headache

  12. I remember when I thought VICE was an edgy source of media devoid of the grips of corrupt biased points and had some type of journalistic integrity. I was so naive lol.

  13. Why doesn’t she run for President if she thinks she can do better…….. 🤦‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  14. 6/27/19 – Kamala Harris publicly called Joe Biden a racist that supported segregation and who was not fit to be President.
    4/17/20 – Kamala now says Biden is someone she trusts and is a great man that can lead this nation.
    She is obviously willing to lie and say anything to further her own self-interest as she is licking Joe Biden’s boots and begging to be his VP.

  15. I loved the time when Harris went to a senior home and this lady pulled her and said don’t mess with my health care..

  16. 😂 she wants to sit around and publicly discuss someone else’s failure. She obviously failed to notice she lives in a glass house.

  17. Body bags for America.

    But we’re here craving for face masks. We’re okay. We don’t lose people by tens of thousands.

  18. Joe Biden ?!? “I GOT HAIRY LEGS ”
    #Corn pop…..that guy???

    The guy can barely talk, the media is hiding the fact that he obviously had a cognitive problem. We all know dems want Biden elected bc Kamala will be the VP.

    How shady is that…..wake up Americans. I dont care for Trump, but he is the best candidate right now


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