1. Fox News the Propaganda Channel

    Definition of Failure: Donald J Trump aka Putin Puppet Rump

    Donald J Trump Lies and People Die


  2. There will not be a recovery without people working. And so far, nobody knows when that will happen and there doesn’t seem to be any coherent plan either.

  3. Larry Kudlow was a failed economist way back when the liberal Democrat media owned him. Now he is a failed economist working for liberal magic man Donald Trump’s regime. Before the virus arrived, all countries, including the US, was in decline. Crooks in the world of finance including reporters knows the problem existed for several decades. Trump knew, when he came on line, that the world’s equity markets only kept their heads above water by expanding the money supply by printing funny money and putting it in the pockets of the RICH.. Trump wasn’t happy with the RATE the Feds were expanding the money supply of the US. People who claim they don’t know that the US economic model has been faulty for more than 2 decades are LIARS. All accurate indicators like massive US trade deficits clearly indicated the problem existed and continues to exist even though Trump has weaponized the dollar based monitory systems against the world’s economies that he CAN’T COMPETE with in the market place. That is all of them. It can be called economic TERRORISM and it damages the citizens of these countries. Will Americans and the world ever wake up? I can’t realistically think they can do it.

  4. Why shut down the whole country instead of just the most affected areas by the Caronavirus..New York has the biggest problem so why should that affect Helena, Montana ??

    • Dennis Janda amen to that. I feel like it’s a test. The county I live in in South Carolina has had eight cases and zero deaths. I realize it could get worse. We can’t go for a drive after 5 pm unless we are an essential employee. No deaths can’t drive after five. I’m high risk I’m diabetic. I’d rather go out with my freedom in tact.

    • I’d rather see my son keep his job and my daughter get her education than to live like this. If it causes me to die at least I will die knowing my kids are successful. I don’t want to have to watch their world crumble around them. That to me is more depressing than dying.

  5. This guy is CONSISTENTLY wrong about EVERYTHING for a very long time. So economy won’t reopen till next year, take it to the bank.

    • So hopefully by May I can stop back at this post from you to laugh at how CONSISTENTLY WRONG about EVERYTHING you’ve been… Going to show you at that time how CONSISTENTLY CORRECT about EVERYTHING Larry Kudlow has been…


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