1. One can rely on the BBC to present the most negative reporting possible. Naturally, the prospect for many lecturers of having to put their left wing activies on hold and actually do some work is too awful and must be resisted at any cost, but preferably not theirs.

  2. great video
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  3. Left wing unions spreading fear for political points, the same unions telling members to claim for PTSD for teaching during the lockdown.

    Shut the universities I’d they want and lay all the lecturers off with no pay, then let the asses their new position

  4. The at risk in university towns will feel unable to safely visit their home cities. Animosity at a local level arising from housing lost to students will spike as soon as Covid hits a university city. A terrible time to be a student – welcome as a fart in a spacesuit springs to mind

  5. #ادركت_الشمس_القمر_آية_كونية
    “The questioner is Allah’s khalifa and His servant, and the respondent is Allah; Lord of the worlds..”
    Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni
    07 – 08 – 2020 AD
    17 – Dhul Hijja – 1441 AH
    02:01 pm

    قمر الحصاد
    قمر الذرة
    harvest moon
    corn moon

  6. Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

    07 – 08 – 2020 AD
    17 – Dhul Hijja – 1441 AH
    02:01 pm
    (According to the official time of [Mecca] mother of towns)

    ..The questioner is Allah’s khalifa and His servant, and the respondent is Allah; Lord of the worlds

    O community of those who deny the grand Quran while they know that it is the Truth from their Lord, no peace of Allah on you, neither His mercy, nor His blessings and not the Bliss of His goodly-pleasure, and Allah cursed satans of jinn and mankind who belie Allah’s Book the grand Quran as Allah cursed lucifer till judgement day, after this

    Perhaps the entire scholars of Muslims and their people would like to say with one (speaking) tongue:”We praise Allah and we thank Him for His grace. Surely, all Muslims; their leaders, scholars and their people, we are believers in Allah’s Book the grand Quran upon various sects and parties. We believe in Allah’s Book the grand Quran as a message of Allah to the Arabs and non Arabs, as one unified Book that is guarded from alteration and forgery; an Arabic Quran manifested to everyone with clear Arabic (speaking) tongue; so we are the Arabs believing, rather we are certain that the seal of prophets and messengers in Mohammad messenger of Allah -prayer of Allah’s forgiveness and peace be upon him and his family- he was receiving the Quran from a Wise, Knower Allah; Lord of the worlds, and Allah made it the dominating reference over the Torah and the Gospel and over the entire books and narrations in the prophetic sunna, and Allah did not protect it from distortion and forgery in vain, glory be to Him, rather to be the reference to correct what is contrary to it in the entire books; the fact, whatever came contrary to the decisive grand Quran is definitely forged false from other than Allah and His messengers, and who is more true in word and guides to the (upright) path than Allah?”.

  7. WARNING Watch all of this video – The Dr will be Killed. To Save you from DNA Destroying Vaccines! Say No – Pass On.

    I researched online, but anyone speaking the truth is scuicided – or Disapears. 200 Doctors speaking out about “Empty Hospitals” “Fake Copit-19 Deaths” – All video deleted in 15 minutes for having the Courage to tell the Truth.

    I had Pneumonia It is far worse, I was in a Coma for 12 day’s, had 2 drain rods forced into my lungs – had a caffita and had to walk with a urine pump, I also had 5 syringes permanently on one hand – I lost 6 months Memory.

    The BBC interviewed a so called Pneumonia patient, who had none of the above – I was in Hospital 31 Days and needed 3 month’s bed rest?

    So how was Boris out in a week? A Millionaire stealing a NHS hospital bed, when he could have gone Rrivate? ( Pr – Con Job)
    Thousands of dying people were thrown out of Hospital and put in Care homes and Died – Not one dead mentioned out of 20,000.

    All the Wards were Empty – the nurse that secretary videod the empty wards was sacked.
    Every know death type was given extra funds if it was labelled a Copit-19 Death –
    The induced Fear and massive Fake Death figures! SCAMDEMIC.

    So You beg for the Un-Tested DNA changing Vaccines & Tattoo’s with micro needles Injected into your blood with DNA changing substances, that turn you into TRANSHUMAN Slaves.

    Death can be triggered by one 5G signal to your neuro net. On to full overload – The Vaccine was “tested on ferrets” – Then they were placed In a cage with the pathogen “All Died”
    STAGE 2. Rushed Injections on Human being’s is illigal – The rush for a cure is skipping Safety Protacols for bribes.

    The Vaccine can mutate in 2 Months and millions will die, you cant remove it. Your children can’t either – Say No until people go through a proper safety double blind plesebo Tests. It takes years.


    The Depopulation Agenda will be forced on you With Scam video lies.

  8. “Et en tout cas, la pleine-lune de Moharram, le quatrième mois va avoir lieu le soir du jour de Lundi correspondant à la nuit de Mardi, car le soleil va rattraper aussi la lune, et il y aura la naissance du croissant avant l’éclipse dans Al-Öorjone Al-Qadim, c’est ce que vous appeliez la conjonction centrale, sachant qu’à chaque mois la lune s’éclipse par le soleil dans Al-Öorjone Al-Qadim. Puis depuis qu’Allah a créé les cieux avec la terre, et la lune s’éclipse par le soleil à chaque mois, dès le commencement du Temps que cela se produise, sauf que les humains n’observent l’éclipse que quand elle est en cône d’ombre de lune. Alors, comment la lune peut-elle passer au dessous du soleil dans Al-Öorjone Al-Qadim, sans qu’elle ait un ombre, êtes-vous dépourvus de raison ? Et les astronomes sont témoins sur cela, mais ils ne vous informent de l’éclipse solaire que ce que certaines régions dans la globe puissent observer. Sinon .. Ils ne parlent que quand l’éclipse solaire totale arrive en Pôle, où les humains sont quasiment inexistants, pour ne pas perdre leur crédibilité scientifique. En revanche, nous ne les responsabilisons pas sur ceci, mais plutôt sur le fait qu’ils savent bien que la pleine-lune commence à avoir lieu avant le temps prévu, et qu’elle a commencé à avoir sa naissance avant la conjonction centrale, pour que le soleil l’y rejoigne en état de croissant. Qui est plus injuste que celui qui cache un témoignage qu’il détient d’Allah ? Qui va donc vous épargner du pire et amer Châtiment d’Allah ? Bien au contraire, tous les humains sont étonnés par le fait qu’ils observent avec leurs yeux que la pleine-lune est achevée avant son terme ! Et malgré tout ça, ils laissent leurs cerveaux se manipuler par certains parmi les astronomes qui ont encouru La Colère d’Allah, c’est ainsi qu’ils les convainquent consciemment du mensonge. Par conséquence, ils croient à eux, tout en démentant Al-Imam Al-Mahdi qui est tout à fait sincère, bien plus que cela, ils démentent ce que leurs yeux observent dans la réalité, comme la terminaison de la pleine-lune qui se produit avant son échéance de deux à trois nuits de décalage, et sert à avertir à tout majeur parmi les humains, sachant que Ton Seigneur ne fait tort à personne. Certes, Allah tranchera entre vous et moi en toute vérité, car C’est Lui, Le Meilleur des juges, et le Châtiment s’agrandira davantage en plus de la souffrance de ce que vous nommez Coronavirus. Alors, vous avez su avec certitude qui a été crédibilisé par Allah dans son défi véridique concrétisé dans la réalité. C’est sûr qu’Allah va vous ravitailler petit à petit de la trésorerie de Son Châtiment, d’où vous n’attendez jamais.”

    • Écrit par: Al-Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yamani
    • En: 07/08/2020 | 17 Dho Al-Hijja 1441e

    La source: 👇‼️


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