1. David Whalan has a lot os skelatons in his closet. His daughter committed suicide by overdose 17 days after she visited her family in Sag Harbor from Australia. His son has mental issues and is disabled. Etc., etc., etc., David is a SICKO who is biking around to see whom else he can LASH at because of HIS OWN RAGE.

  2. I believe this old man. Chris just want to play the part, make money and look important. I am so over him and the mayor trying to be cool on tv while talking about covid-19.

  3. So so easy, too easy to stage this kind of thing these days when you have the global media at your fingertips and can weave a whole storyline for the masses. And politics intersect media. Truth or lie we will never really know.

  4. The person on the bicycle should have just minded his own damn business. When you want to confront people you should expect to be confronted back.

  5. Oh well at least Fredo didn’t give Mr Whelan the virus. Seems like he didn’t quarantine at all, and gave it to his wife !!

  6. We supposed to believe the fake news anchor? He’s been called out before for getting up to people even videos of him being a big man with a chode confronting people

  7. He seems to be very agressive
    In his show.Always putting
    Words on mouth consultants
    Very loud.Doesnot seems
    To be sick
    Nobody see this CNN.
    Like they cuts people statements
    And very loud agressive

  8. I just checked, Cuomo had video on CNN of him exiting his basement from quarantine for the “first” time on Sunday morning April 21st. This bicyclist story was April 15th. What a disgrace!!

  9. Wounder why the bike guy didnt say he was in fear for his life and shoot him imagine that. A dead cuomo in the street the same day hes suppose to be at home

  10. Chris Cuomo is a P.O.S… wouldn’t surprise me if he faked it & lied about even having Covid-19 the whole time.
    I have much respect for this 65 y/o man for having the guts & backbone to call Chris out and hold him accountable!

  11. Wow this guy 😮 would record this ? Odd no wonder I don’t believe him .in this day age that is no excuse .I love you daddy Chris 😏


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