1. The lockdowns will eventually lift, but the widespread use of facial recognition technology in Russia is here to stay, making 2020 look more and more like 1984.
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  2. Why are people OK with this? Are people just going to sit back and let the world go this way? Do you really think that the governments need this type of power to spy on their citizens? And why? What kind of world are we setting ourselves up to live in?

  3. Damn, guess no spies are getting through Moscow anytime soon. Does the US even have similar systems near their capital? US would be behind in quickly identifying suspects if an attack were to happen from foreign powers if this is the case.

  4. you either die as a hero who fought against fascism or you live long enough to see yourself become the fascist

  5. Worst part of authoritarian ruled nations like Russia, China and India is that they are always planning on increasing there power and we are just letting it happen

  6. In USA they doing this why not you call them dictator like how you calling Russia and China from improving there security against your CIA puppets.


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