1. This is worse than socialism. This is worse than communism. THIS IS A *PLANNED* ECONOMY.

    Is this the new Republican ideology? Merit won’t get you anywhere, hard work won’t get you anywhere. Saving monies for future is impossible, retirement for under 45s is a pipe dream. Boomers today run up debt to be paid by gen x, millennials and gen z, and now the economy will be opened up with everyone not able or willing to grovel to the Republicans in general or the Whitehouse specifically, left out in the cold to fail along with everyone they are responsible for….. During a pandemic.

  2. Our Dumb Fat Reality TV star president ONLY cares about the stock market and the Economy !! The Absolute worst president in History !

  3. The more people put on a committee, the more opinions thus in most cases more time spent justifying their opinions. Input is good but the decision should be a few.

  4. If Trump opens our borders now he will be killing millions more. Do not open any economy or borders until there is zero virus. You dumbass president.

  5. Socialism:
    a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned OR regulated by the community as a whole.

    an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

    The irony is that everyone who is calling for the “Supply chain” to be brought back to the US by means of force just because you think it was harmful to our economy are more Socialist than liberals. Capitalism competes and becomes better quality, cheaper to produce, and cost effective for companies. If a capitalist wants to make money by sourcing in China it’s not for the people or government to try to regulate them rather it’s job is to find a way to make that more costs effect by being willing to let go of your jobs, automate away truck drivers, manufacturing, & warehouse workers so that the supply chain becomes cheaper. You don’t want to increase minimum wage because then it makes products more expensive right? So, what has changed from that argument you all have had for so long? Forcing or telling companies what to do is Socialism. Companies in the US are capitalistic in nature. The government is not supposed to interfere. If you choose not to buy products that say “Made in China” that is your choice. Do not tell businesses what to do.

  6. The real question is how do they restart the economy now that practically every job created since the 2008 crash has disappeared? I would push a automation/human partnership where we out produce China through increased output from Automated assembly and computer aided manufacturing. Don’t let machines put people out of a job expand manufacturing exponentially and start dumping cheap high quality goods on China and Europe’s doorsteps. Let’s beat them at their own game using ingenuity instead of wage cutting to keep up.

    • lol how long does it take to say, “you’re hired” and then start to work the next day?
      there’s nothing ceremonious about going to work. there’s plenty of jobs now. just pick one and go with it.

    • LMAO a Dem President would NEVER give up Government control like this so that people could get back to work and regain their freedom and independence from the government

  7. I’m sure you brainiacs already thought of this but. If you use “Essential Personnel” as your “canary in the coal mine”…. Whats going to happen if all the “Essential personnel” suddenly have Cov-19 2 weeks later? I mean “Essential” persons. Do we have Replacements for all the ESSENTIAL people? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to “Protect Essential People”? Maybe use somebody else as your Canary in the coal mine?

  8. Don’t need a task force to reopen the government it isn’t rocket science to say a simple sentence. Let’s get America going again

  9. The Media and the Democrats are Smearing Hydroxychloroquine + which is found to be THE Cure… at the very least a Viable Therapeutic… why would the Democrats knowingly want this Drug Banned…? 
    It makes a Person wonder, was the Democrats Hoping for Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths…? 
    All to discredit the Presidents response… These People are Sick.

  10. I want to go back to work and the children needs to go back to schools because some of the kids may have to repeat their grades next year.

  11. Any Presidential re-opening will only be aan advisory to the states for them to look to before each and every governor make they own choices or decisions for their states!! It will NOT be a Presidential mandate.


  13. Trump just whats to have money going in his pockets stop that sob. It needs to be proved i mean proved safe for people we are tiered of dieing over you dumass brains pure rote going on there

  14. It’s a conspiracy! The communist Dems made a deal with China to let this virus out to ruin our economy so Trump will lose the election. They’ve tried everything else to get rid of him…


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