1. Very disappointing to allow your government to do this to this baby.

    I hope the young one comes through. But in no way is it coronavirus.

    You have all the proof you need to know this is a hoax of a virus when cdc is dictating to doctors to label a heart attack as death from cv19 or death from a brain tumor is cv19.

    Literally every single death they’re labeling as a covid19 death. Pretty good indicator of a lie.

    But hey. Wtf do I know.

  2. I have seen that all the babies or toddler’s who have covid-19 survive he is going to be fine he is so cuteeee dont worry
    He is going to recover God bless him

  3. The thing I hate not to be racist but I hate the people from china now because they did this to use now and did u know that some people sneak to the USA and affect more people that the most part I hate damm if I was president I would just tell the china town no more bats and other living creature like rats bats and stuff like that
    Stay safe guys

  4. This cute little baby didn’t have to enter the world and catch a deadly virus hope he survives and he lives a great life

  5. Pls help this baby he is a angel help everyone who suffering stay safe at your house it’s for a reason💗

  6. Do u believe in testing ……whatever they push into our mind ….it can easilly be digested?….get second opinnion .possitive and negative diagnosed is it true or not according to their research till now they r not sure

  7. I really hope that little Eli survives, and, I also hope he is going to be able to grow up, be a wonderful adult, and have kids. Let’s hope he does not leave this world once he just went into it.

  8. I pray all went well I have a 7 mmmk month old and this concerns me so much, my grandmother reacted positive


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