1. Why whont anyone talk about them burning people alive . China is sick. And the bio lab in wohon China releases that virus

  2. God’s words, be honest, trueful, humber, love and cares planting more good and healthy seeds in our mentle heart, it shall growth into more beautiful, colourful global gardens, working toward happiness & peacefulness shared the resources under one roof no body own this planet.

  3. My my advice to every American out thereBiden is nothing but an idiot and I can’t believe that the Republicans actually won’t come out and say that afraid of hurting his feelings get overand quit calling vice-president he’s not a vice president he’s an ex you lost that title when he’s out of office

  4. That Navy hospital ship should not have taken known Covid patients. There is a politician managing the plan and not a military physician.

  5. What if China does’t answer, there is nothing America can do, America deepens greatly on china and they are turning their back on their allies

  6. Since we owe China 1.11 TRILLION dollars in DEBT, and since trump is such a good friend of the Chinese Government, and since Ivanka has a lot of deals going on for her companies in China, you really think China is going to give up anything to us. You need a Job Gingrich, or maybe go to Church more often or sing in the choir with Calista

  7. The MEDIA AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY ARE COMMIES THE CHINESE believes they are rulers of the world because of greed lissen to the voice of the President


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