1. Wow! What an amazing role model. If only our troubled youth would aspire to be more like him rather than choosing the life of a street dealer/gangster/rapper. Our community needs more bright stars like this. Thank you.

    • I wouldn’t throw rapper into the mix, I think making music people enjoy is a noble profession. I know I love listening to artists like Eminem and Mike Shinoda in my downtime or when I’m in need of a boost.

    • @Matthew Walton I was more talking about the drill rappers, like the ones in Chicago, Florida, Georgia, etc, making tons of crappy diss videos, flashing guns in their no-budget videos who end up shot, killed or in jail. They are tearing our communities apart & destroying the futures of way too many kids who are forced to grow up without fathers (or mothers, sometimes). These kids end up surrounded by violence & a lack of positive roll models. Not speaking of the successful ones that give back.

  2. Science what kind of science the Demonic one or the science that really counseling the true Living God not the science of the small imaginary g

  3. Meanwhile, Aaron Hernandez went from tight end for the New England Patriots of the National Football League and a convicted murderer……to suicided!


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