1. so he is complaining because the fed. govt couldn’t get him test kits, then he admits he went looking all over the world for them and couldn’t find any. note to dummy politician, if the don’t exist the fed. govt. couldn’t supply you. you should have restricted your citizens long b/4 you did, your fault.

  2. Apparently, the mayor didn’t ask anyone else for test kits besides the federal government. Why did he wait so long to ask someone else?

  3. Re. Corona virus situation, I don’t know why they haven’t made it mandatory for everyone to get tested for the virus.
    By doing so, they will be able to know exactly how many people are infected with the Corona virus and then they will know how to better combat the disease.
    As long as everyone isn’t tested, they will never be able to stop the virus.
    So many people have it and don’t even know that they have it.

  4. scumbag Diblasio telling renters not to pay ,when most is making more money staying home 600 + 500 , most nyc renters don’t make that much and that is a fact.. Mr Scumbag ,who pays our water, gas ,light, electric, property taxes, etc ? who scumbag ? u piece of rubbish

  5. Of course de Blasio is going to claim 3000 more Covid19 deaths in NYC cause the federal government pays typical $13,000 for Medicare death in hospital compared to $39,000 dollar for a Covid19 death, hell what would you do but the crooks as they all are in government will rape the tax payer once again.

  6. 多謝上帝、恩賜我這有型澳洲男子、又大體、冇有些男人衰過多咀八婆女人、心地黑過墨水、不知所謂、見我’說喜愛這男人、他就不高興、全世界冇男人、我也不回头去爱、我想值著皇’
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  7. I’ve seen several stories of contaminated test kits. If you don’t have coronavirus prior to testing. You definitely will after they jam that swab up into your brain and swirl it around. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/thousands-contaminated-test-kits-delivered-134422339.html

  8. The “Federal Government” 🤨 the TAX PAYERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY MUST BAIL OUT THE CITY THAT PROFITED THE MOST FROM TRADING AWAY AMERICAN JOBS FOR CHEAPER STUFF… ask Bloomberg, he made 60 billion facilitating the Chinese Communist Party by capitalizing their shell companies on Wall Street… we lost the jobs… let the Globalist Traders pick up the tab!!


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