1. 684,920+ cases and 34,614+ deaths in the United States of America , 2,216,228+ cases Globally and 151,006+ deaths from “NOVEL COVID- 19”
    Updated APRIL 17, 2020 / 5:16PM ET


    “STAY AT HOME” ,as much as humanly possible .

    “NOVEL COVID-19” does not discriminate , everyone is at risk .

  2. Obviously these people are out of touch. We should all be going back to work and pretending that this is a political problem so big corporations like hospitals force sick people to work around healthy people.
    The important thing here is we all pretend nothing is wrong so big businesses don’t lose any money.
    Don’t want the regular people who are struggling to be the perception. Because then things like debt have to be forgiven.

    We just can’t allow people to start helping each other.
    The big corporations need our support guys.

  3. What’s the big deal? Just get your note and hand it in dude……f you’re really sick, you should have no problem.

  4. If they stop working the government knows 👉the government is F**** Up.The government have to support the health sector services and increase their salaries;for them to put their lives @ risk and their families every day or 👉Things are about to go very down 🤦‍♀️Support the health care now .👇

  5. What a bunch of needy entitled cry babies I’ve ever seen!! I work at UofM hospital and I’ve heard charge nurses talk about the hospital taking a huge financial loss because of this pandemic. We have seen a small fraction of what was projected of this virus. This of course means the hospital is way over staffed and health care workers could feel that strain by being laid off

  6. My family are in isolation, 4 less patients. We are behind the doctors, nurses, and staff.
    Stay home. Money made of trees and plants are not worth a life.


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