1. Quarantine is for the sick! Free USA! REOPEN NOW! THIS IS A VIOLATION OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS!

  2. In Feb Trump said there were only 15 cases of Corona and that we would have it under control within a week. By the time the U.S. finally started fighting back it was too late. Now tens-of-thousands of you little Fox Freaks are gonna die slow agonizing deaths while gasping for air …

    THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!! (he just got my vote!)

  3. Even one million deaths from a virus aren’t worth the freedoms and livelihood of a nation. People at risk should stay home, everyone else should go back to work. An increase in testing will show that a lot of us already had it. This was a disgraceful attempt to test our freedom, the politicians don’t care about a 50,000 people.

  4. Trump is going to cause a lot of Americans to die. Virologists have explained to him that he shouldn’t reopen the country until next year. All he cares about is money… not Americans. He already said the virus was a “Democratic hoax” and now he’s behaving as though the virus has gone away.

  5. “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”
    – Edmund Burke

  6. I am not even sure if these deaths are real. If you die of a car crash and happen to have covid, you will be part of the statistic.


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