1. this is a very good example of very bad instructions, it is instructive what kind of basic mistakes one can make in only 10 seconds. But you have to wait 1 min before she starts.
    the mistakes:
    step one make some spaghetti, turn on a big pan with salty boiled water.
    So I assume they only have one kind of spaghetti in Washington…but in other places we have a variety of spaghetti’s with a variety of cooking times. Every sauce needs another kind of spaghetti..and another cooking time.
    Next step, cooked some chopped bacon…high temp? low temp? what oil? it all makes a lot of difference .
    Third step…I don’t know I stopped the video.
    I’ve been often in Italy, spaghetti is my favorite food, she should make hot dogs.

  2. I really want to know what a “chopped pan” is? Do avoid the ECU in the future… as she looks like Tootsie…

  3. Garlic has zero place in a carbonara. Zero. Parsley wtf???? This recipe is all sorts of wrong. Either make it the traditional Roman way or not at all.

    • @adrian reynolds being a negative crybaby over a recipe isn’t a great way to interact with people so missed me with that bullshit. 🙃

    • @RockBeauty :3 You don’t know what a carbonara is, and you’re covering it up with a personal attack. I was commenting about an inanimate object.

  4. The recipe is completely wrong. Please stop calling it carbonara!
    Just to mention some errors: you have to use only yolks (not whole egg), pork cheek (not bacon), and pecorino (not parmigiano).
    No garlic or parsley etc.
    Plus the process is wrong as well

  5. This is beyond embarrassing. It may be delicious, but it’s not “carbonara.” It’s like when Olive Garden first started, and they tried to pawn off vanilla pudding as zabaglione to ignorant Americans. While you’re being “not really traditional”, why don’t you add Brussels sprouts, too, Mary Beth?


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