1. she is rich enough,In 2004, Loeffler married Intercontinental Exchange founder and CEO Jeffrey Sprecher.[9] They reside in Tuxedo Park, Atlanta,[38] in a $10.5 million, 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) estate named Descante, bought in the most expensive real estate transaction ever recorded in Atlanta

  2. America America America

    Trump has failed to perform his constitutional duties and responsibilities

    Trump deliberately and willfully withheld information about the deadly corona virus.
    Trump deliberately willfully withheld that information

    Trump deliberately funding of the world Health Organization is just another.pocket of American taxpayers money trump can embezzle with Steve Mnuchin Secretary of treasury and corrupt bill barr they continue making loop holes so trump can sliver in and embezzle American taxpayers money again.

    Trump has not accounted for over 20 billion dollars trump took from the Pentagon, congress has given and any other organizations trump can embezzled.
    Trump has fired the inspector General who was to have oversight of the taxpayers money, trump is doing everything he can to
    Control the American taxpayers money
    But WHy does trump wants control of this money, he’s not giving it to the states
    for testing MONEY, not for equipment the doctors and nurses asked for
    So where is the money trump has claimed for border?
    Trump is embezzling American taxpayers money using for his personal slush fund.

  3. She said she has done nothing wrong. Yea, and I have a bridge in California, outside of San Francisco I can sell you for $100,000 if your interested or better yet. Some ocean front property in Az for $75,000. Your pick

  4. LYING foxtard news as usual …the hypocrisy and level of disinformation is DISGUSTING and disgraceful. It makes one wonder how any human being can go so low. It’s absolutely unacceptable and deployable… These foxtards need to be given a huge fine for each of their lies. They should be held to a higher standard to tell the truth….

  5. Where was all the liberal OUTRAGE when Martha Stewart was sentenced to do prison time for the same thing ? Look Unlike MANY of MY FELLOW AMERICANS I was raised in the NE and NOT SOME CABBAGE FARM.I already understood why these people PAY SO MUCH and TRY SO HARD to get their seats in Congress.It’s ALL ABOUT the MONEY and POWER.

  6. A little crumb to make you feel better that you gave up your rights, economy , freedom, and children’s future. Do not take this laying down get out refuse this tyranny. What’s freedom worth to you ?

  7. Stop paying taxes , stop doing what your told they stole your businesses while Walmart stays open your churches your mosques your temple while alcohol is still sold . Realize what’s happening.


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