1. Democrats in Congress oppose everything good out of pure hatred for Trump. They are so full of hate they vote against America for the sake of opposing Republicans.

  2. Pelosi and Schumer are Un American puppets of the radical left. They don’t care about the average joe. Trump cares about the average guy way more !!!

  3. Why did we waste money with this insanely complicated process? Why didn’t we just do UBI? What is our obsession with bureaucracy and means testing?

  4. The Democrats want to fund their baby killing machine (planned parenthood) aswell as other non Corona virus related businesses. The demon Democrats don’t care about our economy or the American citizens. They want total power and control over the world. Wake up people and vote these Democrats out of office. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  5. It’s a good thing until a business owner can let go of an employee to keep more of the money and just hire someone else when they open back up . Not all small businesses would that but theres alot that would

  6. Proof that democrats hate Americans; that’s why they hate the American flag, hate American manufacturing and energy, why they support corrupt and evil regimes like China, Venezuela, …

  7. Donny trump. loves small business . They can not afford lawyers when he fails to pay them or when he games the system and goes bankrupt .
    Factual history folks .

  8. We the people perhaps should revolt with our firearms just as our nations founders did do as if those politicians are ever going to change they’re ways for all of the criticism noises we all make yeah sure

  9. Simple solution you go to the people and you tell them these bills need to deal with the current problem only no pork added to them and make the Democrats answer for the pork that is unrelated to the current problem and they are the reason the bill won’t pass.

    We can not continue to allow pork to hold bills hostage.

  10. INCREDIBLE SUCCESS !!!! This was a failure from the start. The design was completely in favor of big businesses and banks. It contained many crucial flaws in the law itself and the SBA is totally incompetent and severely understaffed to handle this monster project. Why was this program a failure? Well, No. 1 , the system should have been designed by creating several pools of funds according to the number of employees (example, 1-25 employees, 26-75 employees, 76-125 employees, etc). In other words, the $349M should not have been placed in one single pool. No. 2, by giving a 5% processing fees to the banks, who do you think the banks were going to cater to? The big businesses produce the maximum amount of processing fees for the banks, that’s why they were put on the top of the pile. That is why large businesses such as Ruth Chris took $20M ($10M is the max, figure that out). So Marco, I hate to say it but only the big ones got a chunk of the pie. As a practicing CPA and former IRS Agent for 33 years, I know exactly what has happened and it totally stinks to high heaven. So having influence over banks matter. It’s who you know.

  11. Arrest and incarcerate Donald Trump, his RICO operation of an Executive Cabinet, House and Senate Republicans. They stole Trillions from the US tax base which funds American institutions designed to protect society and have not stopped. Purge the Republican Party from the streets of America and Congress with prejudice.

  12. If United States wants to win this war, government must stop semiconductor equipment manufacturing selling their products to China immediately. We’re talking immediately stop selling Semiconductor Equipment to China.

  13. Of course it is the democrats Pelosi in particular know full well this is the only chance they have to get their pet projects funded. Typical they do what is in their interest and try to shove it down our throats as its good for us when we all know better.
    Oh I forgot we aren’t smart enough to know anything I remember the word deplorables used.

  14. My wife cant get unemployment because the system is broken. For some reason the stimulus site gives me an unable to approve eligibility and my PPP loan hasn’t even been submitted to the SBA. The system is broken and these idiots want to make sure money goes to art centers?


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