• Just google big companies getting SBA loans… lots of these larger than 50 employee and some cases public owned companies are getting loans well over the 10million maximum. One publicly own company with 500 employees with 40million in profit last year got $20,000,000. Just imagine if they did the right thing and gave out 400 loans of $50,000 to small restaurants.

  1. Democrats have lost all credibility, their party has gone up in flames nominating senile Joe Biden and Pelosi AWOL eating Ice Cream while Americans are Unemployed! Democrats, The Walking Dead lol!

  2. This shutdown has nothing to do with a virus,it’s all about destroying America,,put it in recession ,destroy the economy ,destroy small businesses and destroy the middle class

  3. Should have given less money to large corporations and rich assholes, and given small businesses more in the first place, rather than asking for MORE funding now.

  4. the media is not helping us at all they are making things so much worse with all the lies and misinformation.

  5. NWO remove small business, (NO MORE MONEY TO HELP SMALL BUSINESSES as of 4/16/2020) starve the masses, “Culling” the old and weak. Nearly All the Money went first to Trump’s Big$$$ yaks that supported his nomination….that’s why.

  6. No I’m sorry testing is not the answer. Why does everybody think that? How is testing going to help at this point? As they say the cat is out of the bag the horses out of the barn. It’s not going to help. I think our Focus needs to be on treatment. Because ultimately if everybody gets this virus but it’s treatable then it doesn’t matter about testing people. What is testing going to do for us? We’re already under quarantine.


    • Doggy Style my company got the loan, I employ 18 people. If you’re using a big bank chances are you don’t matter much to them. I use a smaller local bank, my bankers were badass at helping us navigate the loan process.

      I received great advice once from a relative who was successful in business. He said get a small local bank that you can develop a relationship with, boy I’m glad I did.
      He also said don’t 4uck around with insurance, get good insurance and cover your ass as much as possible.
      I listen to him on that too.

    • You have to contact your bank. Hopefully you have a business account and a relationship with them. My bank officer helped me with the process and I was approved a few days ago . Haven’t seen the money yet though.

    • Doggy Style from the time we were approved to the time the money was in the account was about a week and a few days. And to be fair I was asking him where the money was at least once a day, sometimes twice. Some friendly gentle pestering can’t hurt 😁

  8. Thanks Democrats…. will remember who to vote for in Nov 2020…. (Hint: It will not be any of you stoopid idiots)…..

  9. Don’t worry. A 50 billion dollar slush fund is still under Republican control. They will definitely manage it correctly and help small businesses. The sky is also green and dirt tastes like ice cream.

  10. My dad’s small retail store did not receive the loan, and could really use it to stay afloat and keep paying his employees. Disappointing to hear that money is going to businesses that don’t really need it to stay in business.

    • America rich get richer and the poor get poorer….this was to get rid of the the small businesses to have the big guys move in…this Is all trump and his clowns playing with our lifes…

  11. I got an email yesterday that my application was received and that the 10k advance that was promised within in 3 days of the application would be received shortly! I filled my application out on 4/4/20. Was supposed to receive the advance in 3 business days and an email that my application was received in a week. Here’s the catch- the advance is based on the number of employees you put on your application. Since I’m self employed i have 1 employee so that allows me to receive $1000 in advance money! If all of my income has stopped, wtf is $1000 going to do for me?

  12. Fake News. Democrats refused because it didn’t contain racist and sexist earmarks and didn’t fund public services. Democrats are a disgrace and are siding with the worst government in the world, China, over the American people.

  13. Most people will pay bills or by food with their check. Looks like business are getting a loan and the people money. That’s a double double. They beat is cross the head last year for more than that during tax time.

  14. Ask union workers for some. Atleast in Ohio I am a carpenter and they give 600 extra a week. I’m thankful but others could use more wisely. Very selfish

  15. It’s really going to the wrong kind of businesses! I’m sick of seeing money go to DIY crafters thinking they’re going to start a long term business off of free pallets or vinyl stickers. I only ask for 5k turned down! Because I want to stay debt free! I’m not a crook like most businesses start with!!!

  16. Make congress be apart of those not paid and watch how quickly things change… Big corporations got bailed out the very first week

  17. The reason for this is because 500 billion dollars from the stimulus package went to the corporate bailout.

    • Wrong. That money was allocated separately. The bill was 2.2 trillion dollars and some people are acting like it all just sits in a big piggy bank and the big bad evil corporations took all the money. Thats not what happened, not even close.
      This also wasnt a bailout. A bailout emplies that a company did something wrong and got bailed out, which IS what happened in 2008 when the banks got bailed out because they were engaging is horrible business practices. Theses companies are suffering because of the government, so its only right that the government reimburse them.

  18. The Federal Government tried to incentivize a hasty and premature return to work with the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan/grant provision of the current stimulus package.  But this crisis requires the opposite, especially when it comes to nonessential services.
    We need to let the land lie fallow for nonessential services. And we should return to work when it is safe to return to work or if we can make truly safe conditions. We need to place safety first. We have been programmed for so long to believe that the GDP is the Holy Grail.  But Andrew Yang argued that different metrics be adopted to gauge succcesful policy like health, well-being, longevity.  
    The federal government’s misguided approach of trickle-down, “GDP-first” economics in the face of this current humanitarian crisis accentuates the importance of Yang’s campaign of “Trickle-Up Economics” and  “Humanity First”.

    Best solution would be the following:
    1) Adopt Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend” UBI (plus Value Added Tax) and 
    2) waive the rent and mortgages.  
    That would be fair, super-fast, super-simple and effective.  KEEP IT SIMPLE, please!  Put the money in our hands.

    Let’s make 2020 a Jubilee-Inspired Year.
    This crisis will unite our communities and our nation.

  19. 22 million unemployment claims in past 4 weeks. Many businesses forced to close.
    Millions left without medical insurance.
    40% of Americans have less than $400 liquid cash.


    Why can’t the government just
    “KEEP IT SIMPLE” with the following plan?:

    1) Andrew Yang’s “Freedom Dividend”:
    An opt-in Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1,000/month for all US citizens funded by federal 10% Value Added Tax (VAT).
    During the COVID crisis, the UBI would be temporarily increased, maybe to around $2,000/month. People would have to choose between receiving the “Freedom Dividend” UBI or receiving traditional “cash-like” welfare benefits like unemployment benefits, disability benefits and food stamps.
    People in prison are excluded from receiving the “Freedom Dividend”, but upon release, they would qualify.
    The “Freedom Dividend UBI” would take the “boot off our throats”. It would “build a floor” for the people to build on top of.

    UBI !
    UBI !!
    UBI !!!

    2) For small businesses that were forced to close during the crisis:
    Temporarily Waive /Forgive (NOT just defer) rent for the duration of the crisis. The federal government could then reimburse the landlords in the form of tax credits. Other expenses of the landlords could be reimbursed through tax credits of refund checks or passed down to the tenants.

    These provisions would allow the people to return to work when it’s safe. And these provisions would help businesses to stay afloat until the crisis is over.

    Under this almost unprecedented world-wide humanitarian crisis, we should let the land lie fallow so that it could become replenished with fertilizers. After the crisis is over, the land would continue to yield an abundant harvest. Landlords need to bear some of the burden of this crisis. This legislation would help landlords do the right thing. We’re truly all in this together.

    Let’s make 2020 a Jubilee-Style Year!

    (and corresponding mortgage payments)

    3. Universal Healthcare gradually achieved through a free public option.


    Please email and call your senators and congressmembers. Together we could make a huge difference!

  20. Who in their right mind came up with this figure of $1.200 for each American to stay afloat during this Pandemic? Idiots from both sides knew it was just pocket change and its a piss in a hurricane type crap that won’t help the economy or help the taxspayers at all! Theses Assholes will be the downfall of this country! We the people need to Revolt against this Government Now! Before its to late!👿🐭💩👎

    • I get worried that will happen to me. I don’t think it will..but depending on how much longer we’re shut down, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. This is such a huge fucking mess

  21. Good let them ALL close!!! It’s their fault for only having enough money for one month to survive. That’s not the governments problem that’s each individual owners’ problem 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😁😁

    • Wow……businesses have to be built. I’m amazed at the comments I’m reading from people who are quick to assume the small business owners are irresponsible. I struggled to build mine and if this situation happened a few months after starting my business, I would have lost everything. Businesses take time to build, unexpected challenges can come up in a business owner’ personal life or within the business itself that could drastically affect finances. Very disappointing.

  22. I have a small business that helps me make a modest living.

    80-90% reduction of the business led me to believe that i can get some help for my online business.

    As a sole proprietor, with 0 employees, i get NOTHING.

    Most of the billions seem to have gone to companies who have a big business.

    Small business owners like me, seem to get nothing. Sole props.

  23. The greatest irony of this virus 🦠 issue now is the million dollar question; which one should come first, life or death versus economy or health???😩🥺🤯

  24. Maybe Ruth’s Criss shouldn’t have gotten 20 million of that money. I know I won’t be eating there again. Just sayin

  25. Wonder Where the Money Went
    Just read a new piece of News “There has been a lot of coverage of the checks being sent to wrong address.. Well this is ironic but interesting Thumper has just hired 12 new accountants. Seems the large volume of checks with Thumper being the beneficiary arriving at 1600, is enormous so additional staff was hired. Oh My
    Sent from a Terrified Trojan

  26. *That look when the burglars start just doing their job during the day,out in the open and then comes back complaining they didn’t rob your house thoroughly the first time and need another shot at it*

  27. Who actually thought money was going to people that need it the most?
    Credit doesn’t work that way.. Government doesn’t work that way…
    nobody cares about you.. care about giving you false hope and making sure you help their causes.. vote now

  28. American Business Owners did it to them selves for complying 🤔🤔 ….. This is nothing more than a Dumb Run Op 🙂

  29. You guys should put on more make up. It’s only showing about an inch off your face and your not getting that Ventriloquist Doll look your going for. 👧👩

  30. TAKE ALL THIS KABAL DOWN RIGHT NOW! LET’S KEEP SPREAD THE TRUTH EVERYWHERE !!!! https://youtu.be/86VJlhw0DQQ – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  31. I’m disappointed these small business haven’t been financially responsible and have a saving for 6 months. They should have skipped the 5 dollar lattes.

    • Doesn’t necessarily mean they have been financially irresponsible. Some businesses struggle. Some take a long time to build. Dont assume and place them all in one box.

    • @Genevieve Harris how is that my problem? These business need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. We need to focus on the individual. Not some poorly run business.

  32. No don’t worry we living large on $1200 wtf y’all thought was going to happen because every business got hit hard

  33. I know 30+ people including myself who applied for the EIDL and PPP at the very first day they started taking applications.

    NONE of us received anything. Where the hell did all the money go???

  34. Trump has been trying for days to put another 250 billion in the PPP program. I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I’m blaming Nancy for this. This year will be the first time I vote for a Republican, in fact Im voting straight Republican. The Democrats have abandoned all but a few small vocal groups within our party. Our platform can’t just be “Trump bad.”

  35. 22 million unemployed and projecting 13% that’s around 42 million, so you can picture it getting twice as bad as it is now.

  36. Ruth Chris needs to be investigated. They got 20 mill when 10 is the max. They have over 5000 employees not 500. They are in the hole to the banks so they got paid( I mean the banks allocated those funds to themselves) first and foremost.

  37. I know self employed person who applied for the loan when they were able to, they haven’t a single thing back from any of the loan officers. They make too much for unemployment and stimulus, but not enough to have a decent savings.😣☹️


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