1. Citizens of this country need money to live on not $1200 check and what good is money to a business if you can’t open it

  2. Of course it is ,and dems want more govt lol. Govt sucks at everything except for taxing us and think they know how to spend our money better.

  3. Have a criminal record, ever been on probation ever? You don’t qualify for these loans even though you pay taxes. But don’t worry I’m sure if your business survives you’ll get to help pay for all the money that went out to save everybody else

    • Kind of makes me wonder how many small businesses in our country are going to be affected by this if they have any kind of a criminal history. Also makes me wonder if we’re a big enough group what we can do about that. Who’s going to go to bat for us let’s place our upcomming votes there. Not that it would make a difference anyway


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