• Jmax….He is correct. Unless, of course, you think millions of jobs lost and trillions of fake money pumped in by the government is a good thing.

  1. After two weeks of record filings for unemployment, huh? Shows you the disconnect between Wall St and the actual economy.

    • It is not a disconnect. Investors see this:
      1) A new pool of workers to hire from for new and reworked ventures. Hiring had become difficult due to high employment.
      2) unemployed people may have as much as $1000 a week in government checks plus the 1200 bonus and 500 each kid. That makes this unlike a normal recession. The unemployed are going to be flush with cash for four months, and the stimulus may be expanded past July. They will buy cars and stuff.
      3) failing businesses are getting subsidized SBA loans. That means they can restructure while their staff is unemployed but still making $1k a week from good ole US.
      4) Diesel fuel and jetfuel is lower than anytime since 1990. Freight costs drop.
      5) unemployed people on claims can get Medicaid so they can stretch their money much further than when paying premiums.
      6) investment in the stock market will give companies the cash needed to rehire… So be happy for a hot market if you want a job.

      So maybe investors aren’t as heartless or stupid as non investors imagine or have been told.

  2. Racist people. Please go back to Europe. Your making our country look weak and ignorant. Go inbreed somewhere else and let true Americans help one another .

  3. I wonder if Bernie has just invested his donations so he can get a even bigger house…..Idiots who donated to him…..He showed you his true colours in 2016 and you fell for his lies again.

  4. Trump v. Obama performance
    Total stock market days since inauguration: 811

    Data Last Updated: 2020-04-10

    Cumulative Performance

    Trump Obama Difference
    S&P 500 +23% +72% +49% Obama for the win!
    NASDAQ +47% +111% +64% Obama for the win!
    Dow Jones +20% +63% +43% Obama for the win!

  5. Dems must be pissed lol they want people to continue dying and market to keep declining so that they can point their finger at trump πŸ™„


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