1. Dr. Fauci is not an economist absolutely right. Doctors have always been the worst businessmen historically speaking they’re basically academics great in classrooms but lousy at real life.

  2. Cars are beginning to have built-in solar panels. It should run an atmospheric water generator to constantly collect water that will be used for drinking and growing plants and trees for food. If you miniaturized a water splitter you could run a fuel cell (Electric) vehicle. Yes…….. ” WATER ” the wonder fuel for all things. Start the hydrogen economy to aver depression . We can do this!……

    • So here’s the catch.

      You have to produce hydrogen. It’s not free. The majority of hydrogen is generated through electrolysis of water, and capturing the evaporating hydrogen. A process that in terms of energy costs, is FAR more expensive than fossil fuels.

      In terms of carbon footprint it’s only as clean as the electricity used to produce the hydrogen.

      The idea of solar panels on cars are also not a solid one. The surface area of a car that is regularly exposed to sunlight is minimal compared to what is needed to actually power said car

  3. Just look at India, they are doing a better job in managing this crisis irrespective of its worst healthcare system than Trump. Instead, america should replace Trump with Modi.


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