1. Members of Congress should be banned from owning individual stocks altogether, and the sharing of “political intelligence” with outsiders should have to be disclosed, Gillibrand said.
    WATCH NEXT: Making Bank Betting on The Presidential Election – https://youtu.be/HD2POM2xIjw

    • What about Dianne Feinstein why didn’t you mention her where Bill Clinton going pedo Island 23 times. Or why don’t you do an article on why the American citizen belongs to the Federal Reserve a private bank. Or you could bring up how the Vatican actually owns the land that America is on. But then we be expecting you to do some good reporting not serving your masters needs.

    • @Marcus Bassillio So disappointed that vice news left her out of this segment. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is also guilty of this insider trading. I am a Democrat from California and I think she along with the others should resign. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, you cant claim blind trusts when you’ve been going after trump for similar issues.

  2. The fact that they get away with it accident-free means they will continue to do so.
    Laws don’t restrain rich people that can write laws. Fear for their live does.

  3. You give him a jury of peers, he gives you a prosecution, that prosecution will subsequently be overturned by higher courts. American justice at its finest.

  4. I don’t understand how it is even legal for any local, state, or federal official to own any kind of stock equities. Isn’t that an immediate conflict of interest?


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