• The section where the term “all white people” is mentioned specifically mentions the laws were in South, around 1:12 and 1:55. It is referencing “all white people” having this power in the South. Your statement is misleading at best.

    • @Roger Herzler the entirety of the video is misleading because it insinuates that police were never meant to protect the poor only to enslaved them

  1. Thank you! Ppl need to stop conflating safety with police! Think of the place where you feel most safe and I gurauntee you the police are not there. Safety means having access to resources. Police only help to reinforce a broken system.

  2. WaPo loves to wallow in the past. God Bless the thin blue line between decent law abiding Americans and the predators that seek to destroy our country.

  3. OMG I AM DYING 😂😂😂 like OK so there was NEVER any kind of police throughout the history of the world right? The British didn’t have any kind of police? People didn’t see the need to have immediate punishments for petty crimes like stealing, or fighting. None of that?


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