1. No vaccine for me or my family. No way. This is not the answer.
    Education on how to keep our immunity strong. Use what God has given us. Not man.

  2. And i firmly believe our healthcare workers should get the first round of vaccines, they deserve it, for all the stress and hard work they are doing for our country.

  3. The real diseases killing “We the People” and OUR great nation is the rejection of and disobedience to God & His only begotten son Jesus Christ, which has lead to a hardening of our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which in turn has manifested into the festering boils of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, globalism, multiculturalism, Darwinism, atheism, humanism, corporatism, crony capitalism, hyphenated Americanism, and the almost non-existance of accountability of politicians, bureaucrats, judicial activism, dishonest, abusive law enforcement, and a left-wing activist press.

  4. Don’t stub your toe these idiots O’Shea it’s a disease is the vaccination and everybody knows what their vaccinations do they start real diseases oxygen deprivation

  5. This was all a ruse. avoid this propaganda
    “Duty is Ours — Results are the Lord’s!”

  6. This is is just a Big Pharma Dr. trying to shove a vaccine down the American peoples throat! He probably has has a vested interest in this propaganda.

  7. There is no vaccine for the common cold, Ebola, H1N1, MERS or SARS. Thank goodness with these diseases that the media were not out the publishing every cough and sneeze. Not having a vaccine for those diseases did not keep people from going to work. Look at how many people die in road accidents every year, but we haven’t shut down the highways and byways.

    I doubt that a small pox or polio type vaccine will ever be developed. It’ll be more like a flu shot that gives everybody a level of confidence that they are protected.

  8. NO VACCINES – it is a ploy designed to infect more people. This was a Bio Weapon, it was paid for by those with power and a bank account in mind…..this was an Act of War.
    There is a Covid19, but it is the Andromeda Strain, fear in an invisible cloak. designed as a weapon of fear, and panic…it worked….once. Now it is time to respond. So if these learned Pharma Trained Doctors need a wake up call, now is the time. This was not a State Actor, it was a reaction to Hong Kong Freedom Movement, the Yellow Vest Patriots in Europe, and the people of China who have had all they will take. How do you stop a train, you block the track, works every time. Not this time, we know what you did, and we are coming for you, there is no place you will be safe, or can hide, Kenya is not likely to accept their sorry excuse for a human being back. Reality folks, this is a war, and we are winning…winning…and winning…..patience people, three moves to CHECKMATE…….

  9. We have vaccines for the flu and that never goes away ! With a maximum of 50% effective outcome what the HELL good is it ? You actually have a better chance of no side effects by staying far away from a vaccine that is more than likely coming from a foreign country with no quality over site ! Do you have any idea what is in that needle? You may as well go to Wuhan bio-labs and tell them you came for the FREE Vaccines !!


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