1. It does not make a difference what country you in. ————————– PLANDEMIA IS A WAR – humas VS GLABAL GOVERNMENT. period!

  2. The media is lying about the protest sides everywhere. Wow! There were over 2 million in Germany and they say 20 or 35 thousand. Shame on them. It is done everywhere. This is an information war! Post the truth everywhere!!!
    They want you to believe we are alone. We have seen this many times in recent history.

  3. The people of the West blame China for being slow to lock down because of concerns over the impact on the economy. But, now, look at their OWN reaction against lockdown. Hypocrites.

  4. Das Corona Virus 666 👹🇮🇲 ist ein Trojanisches Pferd um eine einheits
    Weltweit 🗺
    Einführen zu können
    um uns zu Versklaven 🔗⛓️🔑🔐. Dann kommt auch die zwang Impfung 💉☢️☣️☠ ⚰️
    Der Holocaust kommt
    bald 2020

  5. Lockdowns are bs, they destroy your local and Main Street economies whilst billionaire have their fortunes double and even triple. Politicians are using lockdowns and the media to push an agenda and cover up their abuses of power. I support protestors.

    If you’re worried about coronavirus, just wear and mask or stay in if you need to. If you’re elderly or have health conditions you should be aware of them and stay home if you must. People who feel fine should be allowed to go out and do their day to day business. Back to school, back to work, etc..


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