1. Donald Trump, an erudite man of honesty always keen to canvas expert opinion before making decisions, a humble intelligent man of grace and humor always happy to avoid the limelight and pass on the credit where it is due. A man who will admit mistakes, shoulder the responsibility and apologise. NOT a man the whole world laughs at on an hourly basis whilst shaking their heads in disbelief.

  2. I dont agree with everything trump does but he is doing a god job! We need to be great full that we live in the USA we need to stop with the fighting and come together as what we are HUMAN BEINGS

  3. This president has got to be the most gulliblest president ever to believe a couple of so called experts in field of viruses to take their misleading advice to shut down the economy which he had booming in his first three years as president then only to throw it all in the dumpster calling for state of an emegency when only 50 supposivly died from this hoax virus when he enacted the state of emegency has he lost his mind?…..This whole thing was rigged & plotted by the deep state leftist liberals who set this all up blowing in Trumps ear that this would be doomsday if he did not do as they say & he took the bait & we are where we are today because of his gullibleness listening to these two deranged so called experts Fauci & Brix two liberal hacks & now 22 million people out of work filed for unemployement..thousands businesses shut down many not to reopen…homes that people will be loosing going into forclosures..Americans forced into lock downs house arrest..6′ of social-ist distancing..forced to wear fear mongers masks..again…has this president lost his mind to fall into being so gullible being tricked into all this madness?…
    The word is already out by the leftists extreamists that they are already going to use this against him that he did not pursue things differently in all this that are saying its all his fault that will try to win over millions of voters to the dems in november & as a person who voted for this president in 2016 & being a lifetime republican I will NOT vote for him again & of course not Biden & if another republican is not on the ticket I wont be voting at all…I can not believe how stupid & gullible can someone be not to see what has been going on with this sudden virus hoax that just happen to spring up suddenly…first was russian collusion it failed…then mueller report nothing negative in there dens could use against Trump..then the ukrainiane boloney that led to impeachment that had faild by the dems…so then this virus scam..sham..hoax…& just happen to be election time that with all that has happened you would think Trump would had some brains & that red flags would had gone up but didnt & here we are today with a massive destroyed economy that will even have more huge consequences impacts that people yet dont even know from all this all because of gullible Trump going along with all the nonsense he was fed to believe by these liberal leftist hacks as Fauci & Brix…Fauci himself already said Trump should had acted much sooner Trump was going to fire him but got cold scared feet to do so & my hunch is Trump wont be reelected millions will walk away from him & why not people who voted for him & lost their jobs many wont be voting for him again.. the dems pulled this off exactly what they was hoping for Trump took the bait & are laughing big time & what I find comical is that Trump saying recently he is going to get this economy back great again?…lol…

  4. The mighty lord Christ will pick him up by his feet and smash his heavenly jaws together one day. Eating him up and devouring his glory. Christ can only wish to have the power of Trump. Trump is above god follow him at all costs!!!

  5. President Trump, we fully support reopening with precautions. But please do not reopen our country to China. We don’t want to have anything to do with China as long as CCP stays in power.

  6. Sad, but Nancy Pelosi sees this as an opportunity for more pork and gamesmanship, she is the perfect example of why we need term limits for congress. As a former Democrat and now independent, I find her attitude shameful as the Democratic party is no longer the party of the working men and women of our county. I’d gladly debate her in a public forum. However, she is too cowardly to deal with a commoner like me and for that matter you or anyone like either of us.

    Frankly, I don’t need any of them to lead me for anything as I can take care of myself and my family.

    Remember this. You aren’t as free as you believe you are.

  7. Really hope phase one gets Amazon back on track there’s no sense of having all of this extra money if you can’t spend it no sense of trying to recoup the economy when you have to wait a month for deliveries since they are deemed “Non Essential”

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  9. God bless you President Trump. I am so thankful to have a leader like you. I’m glad we have a President that works for the people, unlike some people who want to show off their ice cream collection

  10. Worst decision I’ve ever heard from a human being it just hit our town look at clermont county cases if you reopen everything a lot of people are gonna die I’m pretty sure they want that to happen

  11. Correct! Trump’s early action in January closing down China travel while demRATS were focused hysterically on the impeachment hoax saved thousands of lives. He was way ahead of everybody and all other countries.

  12. You suspended foreign travel but did nothing bout travel in our own United States people are still traveling by plane and not being screened or checked smh


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