1. There are a lot of different studies out there about what is going on and there is a lot of evidence this is not even a virus. But yet we are listening to Bill Gates, the man that is set to make Billions from pushing vaccinations.

    • @Raul Perez Your immune system is what causes a fever in the human body. So it doesn’t need to be a virus, it could be many things.

  2. The left media loves the term “the new normal” they looooove to see America struggling and staying in a state of depression. It’s says everything about the powers that run them. They want chaos.

  3. When there were only 100 cases in the United States they told us we had to lock ourselves in doors. Now that there are tens of thousands of cases they are telling us it’s safe to go outside and resume life as usual as long as we wear masks and gloves. Where is the logic in that?

  4. Lord, he’s an idiot!! If he only had the ability to speak to the nation and give people hope, but he’s remarkably dumb! WOW

  5. He was confident we had it under control in February and March too. It’s his likely neurosyphilis induced Dunning-Kruger acting up.

  6. Sometimes he’ll give a speech and it’s just not executed well, but he’s not a lifelong politician he doesn’t have the experience a lot of other politicians have. kind of makes him look A little bad, Then you see him answering questions and he does a great job. but you know the media are gonna try to make him look bad with no recognition of the non-speech parts. Where his quick agile mind is evident. . Everybody always talks about how dumb and stupid the president is and it baffles me. I don’t care what his dad gave him he would not be where he is if he wasn’t brilliant. He’s also very mentally tough how many people would’ve folded under the scrutiny and hate that he has to carry.

  7. Meanwhile the CCP regime is getting a breather because their propaganda machine is busy diverting the negative publicity on president Trump.

  8. If you don’t get a test and die you don’t get counted in the official coronavirus desth toll. No wonder they aren’t helping with tests. Let that sink in. We’re dealing with murderers.

  9. Less MIGRATION amounts to a healthier nation.
    Stay in your region. Shop locally. Stay home if sick.
    Small towns have many elderly, don’t visit unless to see family.
    Migrating can also cause an area that is in Stage 2 to REVERT BACK to Stage 1 or to a complete lock down again! STAY IN YOUR OWN REGION.
    Small towns have one, maybe two stores to provide for their own. Be considerate!!!

  10. Wow trump uses the word got hah haha. Lost my vote after the third week of reaching out to the white house and justice department lost your best supporter have fun. I won’t be sticking up for trump NO more

    • Dan Jones, not think, this is a big mistake. It’s hard to tell many this though. You can’t fix idiots, you can only bury them.

  11. The number of people infected and deaths keep going up in every state! This even under lockdown. We still dont have a vaccine yet. I think it is dumb for the US to open again.


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