1. Dr. Fauci CREATED this BIO-WEAPON at Fort Dietrick in Maryland then they transported it to Wuhan in 2019. He holds the patents to many of the elements and of course is working hand in hand with Bill Gates so they can both profit enormously from the vaccines.

    Arrest Fauci NOW.

  2. *Anyone who believes a word that President Cabbage Head has to say is an even bigger idiot than he is. The good thing about this Spray Painted Buffoon speaking is he’s tanking his own re-election poll numbers and he’ll be gone soon.*

  3. There is not been a drug found for Covid -19 and there may not be. The most scientist of the working to find a virus or drug for Covid -19 and since now have and may never do. Hydroxychloroquinone, a derivative of quinine a drug that saved millions people with Malaria, hasn’t shown an effect on this disease and may not found anything so far an may never do. They have seen people cured perfectly but they the have comeback showing positive of the disease. This mean Coronavirus is going to be around us for many mor years. We are still hoping and looking a vaccine being found.

  4. Trump claims he knows everything! Selling lies daily that hurt people. This is what he has done all of his life. Lies without responsibility!
    HE CARES NOTHING ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY. Just wants to line the pockets of his crime family and his cronies!


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