1. Truckers cheers to you all !! God bless you ..Stay safe and happy travelling..you are all Heroes,such Good people πŸ’–πŸ’₯πŸ’Œ God bless you President Trump for all the work you have done you are amazing..πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  2. everything you own has been in a truck at one time or another…now if you would kindly respect them and give them room to drive safely on the roads…a few seconds out of your day would never hurt anyone

  3. Do not underestimate the instinct of Donald Trump. People question his decisions, but in the end it turns out he was right. I predicted that the Coronavirus would be over in three months and insanity returns. I can say Coronavirus madness was over last week. What we have now are residual, latent infections that are now showing symptoms. Some people will continue to recover, while some people unfortunately might not. When testing is in place to screen people, life will gradually begin to return to normal. The Trump economy will come back more powerful than before.

  4. Pls forward the advice, Using plastic bags to isolate hands that touch the outside object is the correct way. Contact or touch objects , such as bread, fruit, tableware, spoons, cups, doorknobs, handles, bus subway handrails, pens, keyboards, hand basins, bathtubs, bidet! closetool, toilets can all be infected by the communist virus. Doctors wrong in wash hands rather than insulate hands.

  5. Tedros knew how much dirty money he had received from China Communist , as bad as the VOA , Voice of America is! Was Tedros join the communist? Westerner never know that in China Over billion of the people can pay less than 1$ for food a day!

  6. I like Trump but he shoulda thanked truckers by having real trucks and truckers there. A couple Volvo’s with a squad of the 60mph gang was a real turn off. Every single company listed played a part in ruining trucking.

  7. Why do we need “drivers” at all when aoutimated cars are already better than humans and more efficient in commercial applications

  8. This Trump idiot has pancaked this countries economy!! You never seen anything like this since the depression in 1929 ….oil in the negative ??? Really ?? Glad he is your idiot and not mine !!!!!!! 😠 Wake up America before he kills you !!!!! 😠😝

  9. Ok good !! Cut the check !! Where’s the reward !! We out here daily risking it all & having to go back home to our families not knowing if we may catch the virus & bring it back home . The only good thing is we may be saving other people lives.

  10. If you so grateful to truck drivers then ease regulations permanently. Start regulating brokers and you should have put some owner operators up there for a key. Most of those drivers are short hauls or local except for Ground who are contract drivers to FedEx. which have short and long hauls.

  11. I’ll believe the hype when something is done about the brokers until then its all lip service as usual. As for the ATA..its no secret amongst all truckers the the ATA doesn’t give a darn about truckers.


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