1. This is a pandemic, not just Americans it’s all over the world. President Trump stabilized the economy at the same time was fighting the Corona virus. If he didn’t stabilize the market. The market would have crashed and no food in the stores and banks would be closed. Vote for President Trump again

  2. I believe it will be great. Like November 2016-2019. Stocks went from 17,000-29,000. So fourth quarter this year, Trump’s re-election, we will finally break 30k. So yes, absolutely we are looking at a great 4th quarter.

  3. This is nonsense and I voted for you, have you lost your mind you shut the entire world down. I guess I made a mistake.

  4. The Greatest President by far !!! Not a career politician sellout. A Man that values hard work and honesty. And he has voluntarily put himself and his family in the middle of a huge turf war . Basically. The Communist have bought huge influence in America and many other places around the world. And Trump is brave enough to call it out . So many cowards work for the U.S. Government. Thank you !! Mr President.


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