1. I NEVER thought I would say this in a million years but I am team Trump at this point I swear this Wildcard has done more than any other president for the people than I’ve ever experienced or seen. If he works to help people with disabilities and provide more programs and monetary help for people with disabilities, especially people like myself who take care of love ones with disabilities at home well then he’s definitely got my vote

  2. I was not a Trump fan but the MSM lies so I have to believe he is a real Patriot. I don’t care what a person looks like; if he wants to make the playing field level for all and make this a Republic as it was intended to be. Please, make us proud to be American again.

  3. Trump, you are a true leader.. it’s not easy to face people you have been answering for hours each day knowing they dnt support you. You are doing best for your people.. as a person there is so much to learn from you and your leadership… Such a transparent and strong leader.. God bless you!

  4. Look at this present working so hard. Harder than any president in the last three four generations. Shame on the media.


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