1. The tools that the Democrats have is to get the vote out they cannot do anything about that supreme court judge that Trump is going to nominate what they have in a corner is the voters get the vote out take the house keep the house take the Senate and take the presidency and think about the future they can always put two or three senators and matter fact they can make DC a state if they get the vote out

  2. You are witnessing the greatest [coordinated] disinformation campaign to ever be launched against the American people. [D] efforts to regain power. They will say anything. FAKE – What violence, those are mostly peaceful protestors. To Be Cont……………
    President Trump nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes. Suck on that Dems, Biden & Fake News, lmao. https://youtu.be/n6jBGZORMCg 😱 😱 😱

  3. Read the constitution, it is his job and right to replace the vacancy. Kids are not dying. Who is in control in your crooked station.

  4. The disinformation is so scary. 90% of the media just lies about everything. They twist facts and tweak footage, until everything people believes is a lie.


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