1. Well I took a 700 a week food delivery job. I won’t say w who as I don’t want these freaks signing up for it delisting my chances

    • I don’t support anyone but me and mine. Being aware others and truly tolerant. Don’t vote. Let the politics go away. They’ll all be standing there going “Wa’ happen”. People think for yourself. We are all alone. And that’s fine.

  2. This is Trumps plan to kill off as many seniors ass possible. Republicans have always wanted to get rid of social security and medicare. But so far about 20000 seniors have died. This has and saved social security about $20million a month and saved medicare about $10million This is money that Trump and the republicans can loot. If the country opens up Trump and the republicans can kill off 60thousand to 100 thousand more seniors. Do I really believe this NO Trump is not smart enough but he and the republicans lucked out. Too bad seniors I am 75

  3. I don’t understand
    Is the pandemic start with patient number zero or it is not
    If patient number zero is reality then lockdown strategy should be maintained until we are sure no one is sick

  4. Well this is a nice change of tone from “I have absolute authority!” That was killing the great orange one in the opinion polls!

  5. Let me guess…. Test kits will still be inaccessible to most, thus artificially bringing the numbers down. Another eruption or wave of cases will happen, many more thousands dead, and another country closure by November…

  6. He should be adding more money to the PPP. They are out of $$$ and money MOST small business owners are left out in the cold. This government is a RUSE.

  7. If testing is the key to opening up America again I think President Trump should be laser-focused on that task!! Doing whatever it takes, on that phone 24-7 ! No threatening to adjourn congress or some other crazy ideas!! Tests are what’s needed, handle it President Trump and don’t stop until everybody that needs to be tested has been tested!

  8. American’s can beg all they want to reopen the country, but it’s just going to cause another wave of the virus.

  9. I just want this nightmare to be over with already. I’d rather die on my feet having fun than holed up alone in my home.

  10. This is crazy …he is totally out of control …why do u Americans allow this to happen..he doesn’t care about people’s lives

  11. America all the quarantine that you will have done, will be for nothing if you re-open that soon. This Donald Trump president really try to immortalize this moment as the worst presidency of the American history.

  12. Trump is a moron!! Numbers of cases and deaths go up everyday but let’s act like everything is ik and go back outside. I cant wait to see you gone in 2020

  13. We need more automation. Make robots that can do essential jobs and give the money made by the robots to American citizens.

  14. He’s such a fucking moron, I can see a 2nd wave of infections coming really soon if they do try to re open.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Glenn Guy I’m sure you probably won’t be alive if you keep listening to your clown of a president 😂😂😂 probably won’t see you in that election. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  15. I don’t know. I’m not really looking forward to being open again. I can go expose myself to a virus that doesn’t have a vaccine yet, so rich cocksuckers can make money off me while paying me less than a livable wage. No thanks.

    • Thats how I view it too. No way am I dying for the wealthy and leaving my son alone. Not even a livable wage. No thanks.

    • A J None of the politician’s are. It’s all a pissing contest to them. The corporation’s are dictating the rules. I heard Disney is losing 32 million a day. WHO CARES. Let it fall. I feel sorry for people losing jobs. But enough is enough.

  16. At the end of phase III indoctrination and control and surveillance will be complete! Next step after that? the mark of the beast!

  17. Social distancing when a cop pulls you over tell them to keep their distance & you can’t accept any tickets from them due to covid19 protocols haha 😄.

  18. Old bitch Nancy Pelosi has no say so but she trying to be president I think she forgot it is Trump who is the boss of America, o boy going to be fun see dumb ole Pelosi cry wolf…. Aaaahahaha

  19. more testing and really that was the
    plan we in California we’re going to implement
    Forest Trump doesn’t have a clue

  20. all people around the world basically dont like to stay at home too long.the question is it is ok to do that actually ? as long they willing to use mask.i think still possible.but if one are reluctant,u can kill that person.because that person basically that start the continous cycle of the spreading of the virus.

  21. Get rid of all radical Democrats come November then everything will be back to normal less taxes to pay less gas prices ect ect.. With democrats everything’s skyrockets children trafficking, China wants babies killed in America so they can eat them that is a freaking sick country.

  22. Trump is doing the right thing by reopening the economy..Globalist wants to control the world economy putting fear and taking peoples basic freedom .These are the times when there is a global pandemic Globalist can control the masses with fear and they can put on regulation and take away basic freedom s and world govts can’t do anything..I believe World Govt is near…

  23. There will be an investigation why our Government failed preparing USA citizens for covid19. This is not the time. DO NOTHING DONTHECON need a Nationwide plan include large scale testing, find medical supplies and increase hospitals staff. Organized Nationwide movement of all USA resources to hot spots. Until this happens, USA will not successfully re open. Pence will be the scapegoat.

  24. Disasterous decision. What do you think will happen to hospitals constantly overwhelmed by Covid patients? Slow, no, and sub-par care for every other hospital admission. Good luck US.

  25. No matter how shiny, beautiful, and safe you portray your state or city in tourism commercials. But if the flight there guarantees a 100% recycle air inhalation. The risk would be too high!

  26. Whit Johnson…..how did you get the N95 mask your wearing around youre neck? We as peasants aren’t allowed to have those.

  27. Dang man i was all in to it til i saw that hospital walk thru. I saw that same tape at least 2 weeks ago. And now, it’s here as todays posting date of April 16th

  28. He said “Americans” wanna open it back up.

    Most of these people crying to stay inside are commies who want another check. Just don’t want to go to work.

  29. If Trump was Captain of the RMS Titanic:
    1. The iceberg is a LIE.
    2. We won’t hit an iceberg.
    3. It’s just a tiny iceberg. We’re very, very ready for this. It’s going to be just fine.
    4. On our ship, we only have, basically, a tiny scrape. We have it very well under control.
    5. I have a gut feeling that the leak will disappear very soon. I feel good about it. That’s all it is, just a feeling, you know, smart guy. I feel good about it.
    6. We’re going to get back to our trip and we’re gonna be talking about dates, and I think it’s gonna happen quickly.
    7. The iceberg was unexpected. Nobody could have predicted something like this.
    8. We’re getting to that point where there’s going to really be some very bad numbers, but altogether we have done a very good job.
    9. People are surprised that I understand icebergs. People ask, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.
    10. I am the best captain, just ask anyone.
    11. Ivanka and Jared will be in charge of our recovery council. We’re in good hands.
    12. “Why are there insufficient lifeboats?” I think that’s a very nasty question and I’d say you are a terrible reporter.
    13. China should be responsible for the iceberg. #ChineseIceberg
    14. The ship could have dismantled into smithereens if it weren’t for me, it just broke into two halves instead. So we’ve had very good luck.
    15. The iceberg is the Democrat’s new hoax. FAKE NEWS!
    16. Why is the survival rate higher for passengers in first class? Perhaps that’s the story of life.
    17. I am halting the funding of the Worldwide Hauling Organization while a review is conducted to assess its role in mismanaging icebergs.
    18. Easter’s a very special day for me. This ship is coming back to port on Easter.
    19. I am not responsible, the lifeboats were left onshore by that last captain of this ship.
    20. It is an iceberg. … I felt it was an iceberg long before it was called an iceberg.
    21. Inauthentic lifeboats labeled as KN95 coming from China. We’re not using these!
    22. The lifejackets are going to be late for a few days because I need my signatures on each and every one of them, which is of utmost importance.

  30. I going to make America great again 34,000 dead and still rising
    America has more deaths than China who have a population of 1.5 billion 5 times the size of the USA

    You are in for a massive death toll with this clown in charge you should not even be looking to open for many weeks

  31. First phase only the vulnerable should stay home…… We are all vulnerable…. We don’t have immunity for this virus…..
    We should stay home…. Until more testing is available….

    Second phase Six feet rule changes in an indoor venue…..only well ventilated areas should re open…… Every restaurant should have an inspector come in twice a week to make sure they are following the distancing guidelines.

    Third phase…. basically to remember to wash your hands and still be mindful of the virus….. Why even have a third phase …..its oblivious we have to still be mindful you are sending us back with not enough tests or a treatment available or a vaccine or enough PPE equipment….. But yeah we will try to be mindful and wash our hands….

  32. I slightly cracked the curtains from one of the rooms in my house to look out the window and that was enough for me maybe I’ll try again in a few weeks

  33. Sorry the symptoms are very light. This lockdown hurt more than helped this country. This pandemic is mostly NYC based in the states. Sorry but NYC isn’t that important for the government to ruin the economy.

  34. People are terrified of the common cold. Lol
    That’s all it is you know, a mild flu at worst. People are so stupid.
    I’ve worked with cattle on farms that have more sense than the human masses!

  35. if the US opens up, then every other country who doesn’t want more cases and deaths will pretty much be forced to ban travel to or from the US.

  36. This is the worst century ever , humans came from zero to zero distroyed nature insted of learning and involving, just smarter suits who steal and distroy the rest , President Trump is in the worst condition ever in the hardest times, ask answers from china they killed the world, make the rich pay taxes they are the only ones that have doctors and the people who pay taxes have nothing, and now jobless tommorw homeless, stay safe america ,

  37. I think Trump is now bored with all this! He just wants all the ‘great unwashed’ to start behaving themselves and stop moaning about dying!


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