1. Really disappointed in the way our leadership is handling this. That doesn’t really surprise me but I’m also really disappointed with the way our populace is handling this. That surprises me a little more. Countries who handled this much better than we have are still struggling to keep it in check. I guess we’ll just have to hope that the state and local authorities have their heads in the game now.

  2. Wow watching your channel vs other channels it’s like watching two different people, in that you conveniently don’t show Trump having selfish rants where he turns these pandemic briefings into an egocentric self promoting soap box going on and on about how amazing his rallies are and how popular he is, he’s done more than anyone and blah blah blah. It’s awkward but that’s probably why you chose to edit it out.

    • @ali renfro sadly Ali there are a plethora of forums and sources someone like you can watch the ENTIRETY of one of his press conferences but let’s not play games with each other cause we both know you haven’t and won’t. So blaming or villainizing one new source such a CNN or MSNBC or CBS or whoever else you have issues with, the reality of it is it’s ALL over the place and individuals such as you live in this detrimental bubble that adversely affects people. Ignorance is truly the greatest weapon for strengthening the unhealthy horrific agendas of madmen in power. So congratulations on being an effective member of stupidity.

  3. Trump the worst president we ever had in my life time I don’t care if you like it or not freedom of speech give us that right as us citizens and was born in Kentucky and Trump is go. Be. One. I. Blame if. Covid 19. Get. Worse I. Not. Blame him. For. The. Virus it. Not. His. Fault but. He. His. Fault for. Late. Action on. It. Trump. Has. Know. About. Covid 19. Since. January and he didn’t. Do. Anything. For. It. Till. March 18. 2020. It. The. Truth if you don’t believe it or not freedom of speech give us that right as us citizens and was born in Kentucky

  4. Safety is overrated. All trump supporters must rally with each other. Stay away from others. Just be intimate with other trump supporters. Also make sure trump attends your get together rallies. Show your loyalty now!

  5. Honest American Citizens are very thankful for the Outstanding Leadership and Unifying message combating the Coronavirus by President Trump and the Trump Administration!
    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸
    President Trump is the only one that can bring the USA back to his successful Trump “America First” economy!
    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  6. He has never put safety first, or he would have taken action in February. He chose to do nothing instead. This is why presidents aren’t allowed to own businesses. He’s too worried about his own interests (mostly hospitality industry) that are now failing, and his rich friends are in the same boat. The rest of us are SO screwed. More action in February could have saved many lives.

    • I’m in the hospitality industry, and furloughed like many of you. I get that we all want things to go back to normal. It can, but only with time, diligence, vigorous testing and contact tracing. Until tests are readily available for everyone, we are stuck (aka f**ked). Tell Trump that we need more than the 600,000 testing kits (seriously?!?) that he ordered for our country. It’s much like the Titanic not having enough lifeboats. But Trump doesn’t care. He has his own yacht.
      I also want to know who’s doing HIS hair and makeup during all these days when none of us can get a haircut. I highly doubt it’s Melania!

  7. Trump does nothing safely
    Maybe give American people more help than your business cronies and family for once
    Orange puss pile of shite

  8. A lot of you right-wing republicans have money and own a swimming pool. So let me put this in a way that you can understand. Think of it as Trump allowing you to pee in the designated “pee section” in the left back corner of the pool only. Guess what? That pee is going to contaminate the whole pool. We have to stay out of the pool until it is safe. Common sense. And if we return too soon, people are going to ignore warnings and keep spreading their germs, and businesses will STILL continue to be hit hard. Our only chance is to stay out of the pool while it’s being cleaned. If we open the pool too soon, we’re all screwed.
    Trump is obviously the lifeguard in this scenario. Instead of telling everyone to get out of the pool at the same time like lifeguards do, he instead tells the parents (governors) that it’s up to them when it’s safe for the kids (us) to jump back in the pool again – without even testing the pool first. There aren’t enough tests for everyone. There are only tests for those who already show symptoms. By then, it’s too late. And the numbers shown don’t even show results of all those not tested. When you see one roach, there are so many more you don’t see, right?!?!

  9. Legally , trump should be speaking from” the office of the Impeached President of the United States”. Otherwise his orders are invalid.

  10. Trump said that he “stopped the Coronavirus” and that it would “soon be zero”and that it was a “Democrat Hoax”

    Yet here we are only 83 days later with almost 3/4 of MILLION KNOWN USA infections and 38,000 DEATHS.

    Scientific estimates as to how many Americans actually have the virus are at a MINIMUM 10 times the now known infections. Only a LOW IQ cult imbecile would trust Trump.

  11. Open up state by state. Then low risk people versus high risk people. High risk people stay home. Low risk go out with the essential workers and keep the economy going for us all. Let the virus spread in the low risk community. Herd immunity will develop and then the high risk can come back out. Staying home or staying in their state would be voluntary. Eventually a vaccine will be developed.

  12. Tests are meaningless. It’s very likely that you will get infected by taking the test as anything else. What I’m saying is there is no guarantee. Time to be brave and carry on. No tracking. No immunity cards. No more lockdown. They’re starting to discover the estimate is off by a factor of between 60 and 80 times

  13. trump said Obama didn’t have any ammunition for the military, a draft dodger wouldn’t know what ammunition look like.

  14. He did everything that could be done.
    People have delusions of the Government, they think Government is god and can just make things magically appear.
    Everything that moves requires a person to move it, every piece of equipment has to be produced, packaged, transported by fleets and fleets of people, the government doesnt produce anything itself it relies on private entities, corporations, individuals for everything.
    All the government can do is print paper currency out of thin air and hope that when it hands it to people they do the right thing and produce whats expected of them.
    The presidency is not an omnipotent being that can produce anything with a magic wand and have it rain out of the sky instantly where its needed.

    In china they burned people alive in the morgues just to stop the spread, but you wont hear that, they put people in concentration camps and had buses running around rounding people up against their will to stop the spread, but you wont hear that.

  15. A total failure of leadership by all. The Donald included. We are so screwed. Incredible to see this mad and evil day. It is all being destroyed, right before our eyes, the masses sitting watching it all, applauding the shutdown and destruction of their nations. Giving it all away over lies, the promise of security. Totally duped. Clueless. Sitting ducks.

  16. Trump put safety first ? HE CALLED THE VIRUS A HOAX !? He ignored warnings from actual experts and downplays the dangers everyday… Trump ONLY CARES ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET. COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED TO LEAD ANYTHING

  17. Ray Brown
    Ray Brown
    1 second ago
    As simple as taking ones temperature and not detecting a fever, that’s what they do before you can enter a VA hospital for any appointment, just common sense, not rocket science, but by all means close down everything and tell us what we will do when the current food supply runs out and or working people do not have any money to buy anything or create the coming depression because the Dumbocrats would rather divert that money to their phony donors to crate more millions that they do not earn…


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