1. Please take more Vitamin D cause helps with influenza. It seems people nowadays don’t get enough of it cause we don’t get much sunlight..

  2. Not a single bat was ever sold in the Wuhan seafood market. The virus was engineered as a BW and the evidence for it is overwhelming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bXWGxhd7ic

  3. Where did they get their info, patient 0 was the lawyer flying into Washington from Wuhan in mid February. Why are we repeating this

  4. Where it came from is irrelevant. Perhaps they should be investigating why they United States was affected by it much worse than the rest of the world, despite being as informed as them.

  5. any opinion or comment on Montagnier (Nobel laureate who co-discovered HIV) claiming in French media that elements of HIV and malaria are present in the Covid19 genome that is not naturally occurring indicating it is manmade? Any idea why American media isn’t talking about it? It’s been 2 days.

  6. 1) Corona Virus Symptoms Are Came From Whom Are Playing The Accusations To Other Without Any Prove Of Evidence, That How Those Human Are Getting Corona Virus Symptoms Matter

  7. 2) Also The Justice System Had Found Whom Are Having The Corona Virus Symptoms Can Turn Their Brain To Be Terrorists,

  8. 4) To Getting Treatment For All Those Person Having Corona Virus Symptoms Are Until The Jail House Teaching For Them Learning How To Getting Permanent Jobs Of Work In Jail

  9. 5) Until Those Sickness Had Learn How To Getting Permanent Jobs To Work To Pay Bill And They Will Becoming A Good Person In Life

  10. 6) Whomever Are Playing The Accusations Without Any Prove Of Evidence Will Be Throwing In Jail For Treatment To Prevent Terrorism,

  11. 7) Until Those Person Love Playing The Accusations To Other Without Any Prove Of Evidence Learn How To Getting Jobs To Work They Will Be Released, And They Will Have A Better Living Life

  12. Bats have the highest virus resistance . Livestock gets culled by the millions because of infection . If you put yourself into a mindset of ccp with disregard to nature , then you would want to get all the livestock very strong resistance like the bats . The CCP would have done dangerous experiments with live stock and possibly rushed this before Chinese new year when the livestock’s need to be at its highest level to supply everyone for the festivities.

  13. If the SARS2 came from or is related to SARS1, then there is a possibility that (the Hindus in) India and/or (the Muslims in) Indonesia are the original culprits/source, because Han Chinese don’t eat bats. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

    Indian Hindus Eating Bats
    Catching and Cooking BATS (FLYING MOUSE) in MY Village
    BAT SOUP in Indonesia!!
    FRUIT BAT MEAT Cooked Two Ways Manado Indonesia
    Eating Snakes, Rats, and Dogs in Minahasa: Indonesian Bushmeat
    Eating Fruit Bat Soup?

  14. CIA should be investigating them selves just like they invented Aids in a lab))) why is Bill Gates always being part of the scene is also a big question😂 you Zionists might be sneaky but are very dumb. This whole thing is part of the new world order so let’s just sit back and relax and watch this bs

  15. Yes the virus is “Made in China”. Just watch the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural You Tube episode and many more related videos. One of God’s prophet says, God showed him the virus was made in Wuhan Lab to destabilise the U.S. Govt. Check for yourself and spread the news. God is still on the throne, he is watching every move of the enemy.

  16. I thought USA intelligence agencies is the best in the business. You failed just like in iraq war finding weapons of mass destruction


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