1. Follow the money. Why would dirty politicians, and the richest who own the media want to eliminate small business?

  2. Let’s all remember Pelosi’s attitude and actions in November during the Elections . All Democrats should be voted out of office

  3. I wish her teeth fall out during an interview & then she can’t even go to any big hospitals coz of Corona. A private Dental Clinic (small business owner) then closes door on her. Best revenge

  4. we shouldn’t have to give more money to businesses yet they could have not distributed all the money yet. I’m sure they still haven’t figured how to distribute it yet. the real issue is where is all the money their skimming from it. and people don’t believe that’s happening theirs no hope for this country.

  5. I saw her say “Small businesses, hospitals, frontline workers and state and local governments across the country are struggling to keep up with this national crisis. They need more help from the federal government and they need it fast – our nurses, doctors and health care workers need it as much as anyone else”. She wants small businesses covered by additional funding to the SBA. She is not say no to small group as Varney implies here. He’s not providing the entire story.

  6. Small businesses don’t have enough money to kick back to the party. Cynical, but true. In addition, small business owners are independent thinkers, and promoters of individual freedom. Those things are terrifying to people that believe that citizens are subjects.

  7. Trumponzi & sons are the masterminds behind robbing children’s charities blind…….children’s charities!!!

  8. Nancy will die of natural causes soon enough. But the damaged people left behind will suffer for decades. Thanks nance. You were a pig.

  9. Both sides delay bills from passing to slip in what they want added. I am not saying its a good thing. This is how things get done in congress. No matter which side is running it. Neither party can be critical of the other side doing this because they both do it. I cannot imagine if I was still running the small buisness I had, which was in the restaurant industry. I think they should have support funding yesterday. So hearing there is a delay is upsetting when we could help now. But unfortunately its nothing new. Its how things are set up to work.

  10. I’m a conservative, but I’ll tell you something you others won’t like…
    Small business won’t be able to pay back the loans…you will thank me this winter…don’t be fooled by a booming summer in the US…its an illusion…the Fed is buying out everything in the market, spreading free printed money globally to Central banks.
    Guarantee the whales will pull out their gains out the market in the fall…and the Fed will print more money.
    Nationalize everything…and this virus is right where they want you to stay.

  11. Republicans sneak in 195million dollar tax breaks for ulta weathly real estate developers , such as trump and kushner .

  12. She has always been out of touch… She forgets that because of her Coup attempt and her impeachment games against the President, she and her team of Jokers, impeded The President’s agenda and set the Country back… I Hope all small businesses who are in trouble,,, can see these DEMORATS for who they are now..

  13. We need trump to start his rallies again!!!!! Who is with me???? Let’s show these DEMONDRATS we are in control!!! We need germs!!! I will be there hugging, shaking hands and being a American!!! Let’s protest till we are America again!!! And no masks!!!! You look foolish. We all know this is the demondrats attempt to throw trump off!!!!

  14. She has too many incentives to make too much out of the big businesses. She needs to go! No one wants her there! She should take the rest of the traitors with her also!

  15. Let’s just overlook the loophole many banks are using to pick and choose who they allow to send through the relief requests if they don’t owe the bank money. And let’s also ignore that some places are getting 20 million due to poor wording in legalese which hurts actual small businesses from getting help. There’s a lot that needs fixing one of which the banks shouldn’t be gatekeeping businesses that actually need money over ones that owe them money. Just remember, if you’re fiscally irresponsible you’re more likely to get the banks to submit your relief request… how does that make any sense? I’m just tired of banks and lawyers finding every loophole to try and exploit this crisis, government isn’t doing a great job either but when have they ever? This was why the oversight was needed, but whatever… the more issues that pop up maybe we’ll think a bit more about how capitalism has strayed so far from what it once was. To hell with the politics that don’t work in the industries, to hell with the banks that exploit everyone to profit for their executives, to hell with the American dream.

  16. FOX news losing advertisers….talk show host my also lose there jobs …answer: Open the economy ….If They Die They Die!! The rich will get richer … FOX will get fatter..the sheep that follow them are just numbers!

  17. Republicans really will say anything and other Republicans really will believe anything… I’m noticing a pattern.

  18. The pure stupidity of what this man is saying, how does someone come up with this? How does someone get from endless congressional nagotiations to, Pelosi wants to peronsally forclose every small buisness

  19. Nancy Pelosi is the reason I am leaving the democratic party behind she needs retire and let someone else make the calls for the American people…she is a spiteful bitter woman that needs to be ousted out of power that she have happened when she tore up President Trump’s speech

  20. They should outlaw this “station” just like the did in the UK. Liars keep on lying and manipulating the masses. “Everyone else is the problem, not me”. Sure buddy and Jesus really meant hate and judge your neighbors.

  21. To the tune of “ABBA- Fernado”

    Can you hear the drums, Pelosi?
    I remember long ago another starry night like this.
    In the firelight, Pelosi
    You were humming to yourself and eating soft Ice cream, I could hear the distant screams coming from inside your house.
    We are closer now, Pelosi…
    Every hour, every minute, just made us more hungry.
    we were so hungry, Pelosi we were young and full of life and only wanted some soft Ice cream.
    And I’m not ashamed to say
    The screams and breaking from inside almost made me cry.
    There was something in your hair that night,
    The stars were bright, Pelosi.
    They were shining there for us to see,
    For liberty, Pelosi.

    Though you never thought that you could lose,
    But we got fed…
    If were all smart again
    We would, unfriend, Pelosi.
    If were all smart again
    we would, unfriend, Pelosi.

    Now we’re old and grey, Pelosi.
    Since many years I haven’t seen an Ice cream in your hand.
    Can you hear the screams, Pelosi?
    Do you still recall the fateful night we broke into your house?
    I can see it in your eyes
    How proud you were to fight for for the ice cream in the land.

    There was something in your hair that night,
    The stars were bright, Pelosi.
    They were shining there for us to see,
    For liberty, Pelosi. Though You never thought that you could lose
    But we got fed…
    If were all smart again
    we would, unfriend, Pelosi.
    If were all smart again
    we would, unfriend, Pelosi.

    Hope you enjoyed that. Another original from ~GunDrone~ LOL HaHaHa

  22. No money for small businesses because Boeing is getting ready to restart production already took most of it…..what was it they needed? 50billion???? Or else they were going belly up, and now miraculously they restart production!!

  23. I’m democratic, but I don’t think I want to be anymore. My dad owns a small buisiness in town, and just the thought of government officials saying “No” to hard work sickens me.

  24. Ok, so let’s think about this critically;
    States are now being asked to shoulder the burden of testing the entire population of the United States with no funding or assistance from the federal government. States cannot run a deficit. It’s illegal.
    States don’t have the pull of governments when it comes to procuring international supply lines, and will likely not be able to get needed supplies. Most states don’t have robust funds set aside for global pandemics. The only way a state can raise more money would be to hold bond issue votes. Most bond issue votes are voted down.
    So where will states get the money to continue operating, and attempting to get their transmission numbers to the levels the federal government has mandated in order to reopen their local and state economies?
    See, this is all a scam. Big businesses received huge tax breaks less than a year ago, and rather than improve their companies, they bought back their stocks. They moved more manufacturing overseas. They gave their CEO’s huge bonuses. And yet, once again, the American people are expected to bail these fuckers out? I’d rather give my state what they need to get it back open for businesses to make their own money, than give more money to airlines, and Wall Street. The reason the SBA ran out of funding is because most of the 2 TRILLION dollar stimulus went to huge corporations….
    I say let THOSE fuckers eat cat food for a bit, while WE eat CAKE….

  25. May
    bless your
    First Lady but by opening America we don’t know how many people will have their last Birthday I pray she does not have to suffer with same pain that other!!!because of Herbert Husbandd

  26. Look at the flags behind the witch! These are NOT recognized flags ! The U. N. Does not recognize gold trimmed flags as legitimate flags of any country in the world!

  27. Fox news let’s blame someone for having money. Let’s blame bill gates for him having mansions and expensive ice cream lol it’s just stupid. Let’s stop all the pay for all Congress members during this crisis until things are fixed. Bet we would get something done.

  28. Shes gunna somehow use it against Americans to convince them to note vote for Trump and you will get your money. Watch. We gotta get things back on our own.

  29. Things are really getting suspicious. She wants americans to not be able to comeback. Im telling you the left is involved with all thats gone wrong. God forgive me for my wish right now.

  30. Pelosi, Schumer and their Democrat minions are intent on, and determined to inflict as much pain and suffering on “We the People” for exercising our right to elect a president to fight for our will… for ourselves, and for our nation!!!
    The real diseases killing “We the People” and OUR great nation is the rejection of and disobedience to God & His only begotten son Jesus Christ, which has lead to a hardening of our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which in turn has manifested into the festering boils of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, globalism, multiculturalism, Darwinism, atheism, humanism, corporatism, crony capitalism, hyphenated Americanism, and the almost non-existance of accountability of politicians, bureaucrats, judicial activism, dishonest, abusive law enforcement, and a left-wing activist press.


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