1. Some people habe no where to live. They live on the street. Shame on her mom for crying about having to live in a modest apartment.

  2. Why the mother would do an interview especially with univision they just like to create problem so they can have rating and is not the girl responsability to support the mother I thin k the mom should had support more her daugther especially after the lost ahe had instead of crying for money

  3. Putting this in public is too much. She’s already in pain. Leave Them alone…. Why not talk privately? Is it even necessary to ‘Expose’ your daughter in media?

  4. girl. you were being dependent & have a first world problem…im sorry you got put in “modest” apartment. you had an interview to make the narrative to make it seem like vanessa is a bad person, BYE. you’ll be alright. be real, you were accustom to a lifestyle. ALSO, if you will bash your grandchildren’s mother publicly, why would she trust you with them privately?

  5. People need to learn to mind their own business ! She literally lost her husband and child , not even a year a ago !!!! Her mom needs to grow up . Why go to a television show and make drama out of this situation ? That’s ridiculous , use your words , talk with the person ! Don’t go asking for attention on a TV show .


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