1. ‘Donald Trump’s America’ is like Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. He is doing NOTHING about the shootings/protesting/riots like he did nothing to contain the virus. Like with the coronavirus he is worsening the situation by shouting ‘LAW AND ORDER’. With the coronavirus he kept saying it will suddenly disappear etc. One more time we are seeing our society fall apart because of Trump. Donald Trump this is happening on YOUR WATCH. You are the PRESIDENT. It is your job to handle the situation, not to escalate it.

  2. She cannot talk about anybody being safe. America is outraged over her letting Chauvin off numerous of times. If she would have done her job George Floyd would be alive.

  3. Trump is a disaster and a divider. His ego know no bounds,look at what we have become, we should be ashamed. Perhaps it has been this way for some time. Putin must be celebrating


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