• @I Care where’d you see that at and I’m sure that anybody going back in the China was tested and anybody that was locked and Russia was tested

  1. The Democrats want us to go under.. they want this country to be fall into Communism.. that’s what they have wanted since the 20s

  2. Why are there no USA medical supplies? Why is USA no longer manufacturing independent? Real Answers And Solution:
    1)One needs the raw materials and the equipment to convert the materials into products of which was deliberately shifted out of the USA to other countries via greed. Solution We must Make USA Raw Materials and Product Manufacturing Independence Again: As textile manufacturing owners since 1950, I am writing in detail how USA lost its vital raw material and finished products manufacturing independence and how to fix it through manufacturing technology I specialize in.
    2)Basically Democrat leadership, catering to Wall Street corporate greed in return for campaign funds, intentionally killed USA manufacturing so Wall Street could maximize huge profits for their consolidated wholesale and retail products distribution channels.
    3)To do so, Democrat leadership in Congress and under Bill Clinton and Obama, imposed massive manufacturing business tax increases, massive costly overreaching manufacturing regulations and mandates, and abolished USA manufacturing fair trade protection. Doing so opened the floodgates of low cost products into the USA by other countries, many with slave labor with little to no human rights, little to no environmental controls and little to no business taxes. As a result, thousands of small to large USA manufacturing companies could not compete either moving out of the USA to cut costs or permanently going out of business along with 95 million USA manufacturing and tertiary jobs permanently lost, killing the USA’s raw material and product manufacturing independence, while Wall Streets profit margins skyrocketed with the flood of dirt cheap products to fill their consolidated distribution channels they control.
    Must Have Positive Changes
    1)FAIR Trade: Trump took the first vital step to bring back at least some fair trade, by imposing basic import product tariffs and the left went crazy over it. Then during Democrats wasteful, disgraceful never ending impeachment hoaxes, on January 15, 2020 President Trump signed a two phase trade deal with China.
    2)No more USA overreaching regulations and mandates for manufacturing, have reasonable responsible regulation
    3)Favorable manufacturing tax structures, enterprise zones
    4)guaranteed low interest manufacturing capitalization loans
    Today’s painful lessons, I pray we in the USA have finally learned America must be 100% raw material and product Manufacturing Independent Again! The verified solution is as easy as 1+2=3:
    1🇺🇸TRUMP + REP IN 2020
    2🥾🦠🇨🇳DEM🤥CRATS OUT
    3🇺🇸MAGA 💯% MADE in USA
    💯% Made in USA🇺🇸
    💯% Made in USA🇺🇸
    💯% Made in USA🇺🇸

    • Funniest part the Jewish bankers have taken the yanks for a ride
      Printing money and handing it to Jewish businesses
      Now that American have nothing there printing there way out but soon doller gonna fall and it’ll be to-late to return back to the pipe dream of America first
      Saudi Arabia burst American bubble By flooding oil
      Oil backs dollar cheap oil means weaker doller since gold and oil is backing doller

  3. We dont need oil now. Maybe its time for us to down size AMERICA instead of supersizing everything. They just got 2 TRILLION where is the money. List it for us so we the people can see. If your relying on goverment your all ready lost!!!

  4. Trump can use the necessary funds to keep the small businesses going. He can transfer the needed funds from other programs in the bill as needed He has not done it yet because he has given the Democrats the opportunity to do the right thing. The money has run out for the program as of yesterday but the applications keep rolling in. If Congress does not act today then I expect Trump to act tomorrow and he has every authority to do so.
    Nancy has already paid her bribe money to the US Postal Service through the CARE Act and now she is holding up this funding to get 100% vote by mail and to legalize ballot harvesting and no voter ID and election day registration so that every public office can be stolen by a Democrat easier than in the past.

  5. The world is awash in oil. Maybe there needs to be a transition into new types of energy production. Put American ingenuity & creativity to work to.mske this happen. Out of work oil workers could be trained in new technologies. Even oil companies realize the writing is on the wall. For instance, coal is not coming back. In spite of what Elaine Chao & Mitch McConnell would like. Those 2 got together in matrimony 25 years ago because of coal. The Chao family shipping company, Foremost Maritime, was primarily a dry goods shipping company, hauling gravel, sand & coal on their ships. What better way to get Kentucky coal hauling contracts, hauling coal back to China, than to marry 2nd daughter ( 1st daughter actually ran Foremost Maritime ) Elaine off to a divorced influential Kentucky Senator. The rest is history.

    • Let’s transition to renewably powered electricity. US investments are increasing annually. We should scale up to invest trillion annually for a good economic recovery and good strategy for national security as well as eliminating air pollution and carbon emissions.

  6. Democrats doesn’t want the money to be given to selective Trump supporters, they simply don’t trust Trump corrupt administration.

  7. Varney is never realistic. Oil is not bouncing back anywhere. This fake economy Trump created was crumbling before the virus. Then Putin decided to punish Trump for sactions on the Nord Stream and Rosneft Venezuela. Putin did not agree to the production cut a month ago and tanked the oil price from $60 to $20 thereby tanking the fracking industry. Trump loves to sanction but it came back to bite him this time. And this is just the start of the world vs. the United States. You have lost all support. Oil might creep back up very slowly. There is no bounce. Now the stock market is completely fake. If it wasn’t was fed interference the Dow would be at 5000 and Varney knows it. He can’t say it but he knows it. America is broke living on borrowed time.

    • @TEAL I want to see all our citizens at least comfortable in solar powered and heated tiny homes with free and if needed medications and food and then they will be ready for full employment when our health professionals give us the “all clear” after this corona virus safety stand down.

  8. We need to stand as one people and just put ourselves back to work. Practice social distanting but go back to our jobs and open our business. They cannot arrest millions of people. The Dems aren’t helping , they want us to fail, hoping we will blame trump. But it won’t work. They are out . And these dem govenors are out. Its their political
    Game but its our livelihood and our freedoms. They work for us. We need to stand as one people. Where we go one we go all.

  9. Oil? who the hell cares about the oil business? As far as I’m concerned the less I have to pay for gallon the better. I guess this dude has lots of stocks in the oil business!

  10. Provided a long enough time line starvation is 100% fatal. The hard truth is he’s correct. It’s not just about an oil rebound it’s about the entire economy.

  11. No one is going back to commuting hours and hours for low wage jobs if they are going to risk dying. No one is going to go back to being a consumer if they risk dying. It’s just not that important. And we have soldiers dying for oil prices. Now Americans are being manipulated into doing the same things? For minimum or less wages!?! Lol

  12. Bring all manufacturing from china back to the US and its allies! This will jump start the oil market and entire economy!!

    • Some US steel mills are now buying cheaper electricity from regional wind and solar PV farms. Electric arc furnaces use 75 MW of electricity to produce new and valuable steel from old scrap steel creating good US jobs and US profits.

    • We need to crush Russia Saudi oil then stop feeding the east China eroupe India China etc make them pay THIER part we are good now is time get borderline defined Mexico Canada Panama Alaska shut down the east make them pay and payback how they have taken advantage of the USA

    • @geraldturkeyhunter You know my strategy to make oil companies pay…getting my household off all fossil fuels and onto abundant solar PV electricity through high insulation, high efficiency, electric heated thermal floors and soon an electric vehicle. You know the best way to make Russia and Saudi Arabia regret their decisions is for the US to never buy another barrel of OPEC oil ever.

  13. There is no vacine and people in China are getting sick AGAIN! A d wet markets are OPEN! Bats and dogs still on the menu!😠👎


  15. America has no independence and has never been dominant in the oil sector. We lose money pumping shale. Very very expensive hidden costs. China is Number One! The Repubs gave all our factories to China. No use squealing like pigs now. Suck it up..I’ve been short US oil and am building a 17 bedroom ranch. I’m the winner!

  16. The virus + naive ignorance toward reopening to soon to prevent a resurge= Alot less CULT TRUMP supporters around by November😉 Good luck 🙊🙉🙈

    • Increase federal standards to have all vehicles powered locally and regionally by renewably powered electricity.

    • Joey. Ok. Sure. You 1. Obviously dont have a car. 2. You live within 3 miles of work. and 3. You don’t want to get products like food and beverages you consume, delivered to the store you by it all from. Right? Think it through… That’s all

    • Dave Miner if you read what I wrote you’ll understand that we are on the same team. I swear this quarantine is really making people quite disoriented.

    • @Dave Miner 1) Why is it obvious that he does not have a vehicle? 2) Electric vehicles can travel hundreds of miles on a single charge so why would he have to live within 3 miles of work? 3) Can products and food travel from our farms to our cities in electric vehicles? Of course they can. These electric vehicles can be recharged from regional wind farms, regional hydro dams, community solar PV farms or from our solar PV systems on our residential, industrial and commercial roofs. Personally, I have a SunPower roof top solar PV system which produces 6,000 kilowatt hours annually. This could theoretically recharge a 100 kwhr Tesla Model S electric vehicle 60 times annually. However, right now it almost powers all my home electrical appliances: stove, hot water, washing machine, internet, lights, TV and heats my thermal mass electric tiled floor. It provides the best heat I have ever experienced: even, silent, warm on the toes and renewably powered.

  17. Let’s transition to 100% renewably powered electricity with electric vehicles and 3 MWhr Tesla megapack grid batteries as our economic recovery strategy producing a net increase of 2 million US energy jobs.

    • Each layer of attic insulation in my house cost me $1,000. My 80 sqft electric reheated thermal mass tiled floor cost me $1,000 to install. The best form of heat I have ever experienced: silent, even, warm on my toes and renewably powered.

    • Yes. The argument against this always is: what about jet airliners? They use jet fuel. Actually the airline industry is already doing research on & building prototypes of electric aircraft. In fact,
      Norway, an oil producing country, already has prototype, operable electric passenger commuter aircraft seating up to 25 passengers. These should go into operation early next year. U.S. designer, Micheal Bronowski, has designed an aircraft that uses its wing design to generate friction which is then converted into electricity. This eliminates costly heavy batteries. American ingenuity & creativity needs to be unleashed to produce 21st century solutions to 21st century problems. Not 20th century solutions or even 10th century solutions to 21st problems. And we have big problems today.

  18. Could some one please explain how the US is “energy independent” when pre-corona oil producton was 12 million barrels a day but the US consumes 22 million barrels a day? Now if the US scaled up electric vehicles and scaled up cheap and fast wind and solar PV renewables in every region we could become 100% US powered.

  19. We need to re open the economy for the virus to rebound. 4500 deaths in last day. That’s only double the previous day. 🥴

  20. Drive our oil drive it keep doing it till they can’t make oil in the east or won’t like they did the USA the bring it back up

  21. We have paid for oil with blood to many times. We demand cheap oil! Our government sucks. They are the problem not the solution. How many more times must we sacrifice for the rich? We really need to wake up and demand real change.

  22. The real diseases killing “We the People” and OUR great nation is the rejection of and disobedience to God & His only begotten son Jesus Christ, which has lead to a hardening of our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which in turn has manifested into the festering boils of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, globalism, multiculturalism, Darwinism, atheism, humanism, corporatism, crony capitalism, hyphenated Americanism, and the almost non-existance of accountability of politicians, bureaucrats, judicial activism, dishonest, abusive law enforcement, and a left-wing activist press.

  23. Pelosi, Schumer and their Democrat minions are intent on, and determined to inflict as much pain and suffering on “We the People” for exercising our right to elect a president to fight for our will… for ourselves, and for our nation!!!


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