1. If the Democrats don’t pack the supreme court, there will be an illegitimate Republican majority. What have they got to fear? The only retribution a future Republican president can wreak is to pack it to recreate the conditions had the Dems not packed it first; which is no retribution at all.

  2. I’m tired of hearing it was her last wish. Let imaging if it was Thomas or Roberts who had died or retired for some reason, and the Democrats had the Senate and the presidency would they not do the same regardless of the wishes of Thomas or Roberts. It is not the player but the game. The Supreme Court was not political before the nomination of Bork and the subsequent arguments by then Senator Robert Kennedy. In the same breath, it was the Democrats who shot down the filibuster for the lower courts to allow more justices to be appointed in Obama Years.

  3. You can tell when Biden doesnt want people pissed off at him .
    Never a direct answer and shifts the response to Trump by saying he wont respond to Trumps, whatever..
    But the question had nothing to do with Trump..

  4. Dem’s are like spoiled children that were told no and they are going to have a tantrum and whine and pout and make their own rules to satisfy themselves. WTF…these people have to GO to GITMO


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