1. 1.Trump is a white nationalist.
    2. The GOP Senate supports Trump for the presidency (again).
    3. The GOP Senate supports a white nationalist for the U.S. presidency.

  2. The hypocrites are the democrats. Where was the outrage when Obama said:

    1. “Look. The election is over. I won. Elections have consequences. (And)
    2. If you don’t like my policies, then you need to go out and win an election.

    Mr. Obama was right! The election was over in 2016. Trump won. Elections have consequences. If you don’t like it, go win the next election.

    Where was the media outrage In 1992 when Joe Biden made the BIDEN RULE that said a president has to wait until after an election to fill a Supreme Court seat, but In 2016, Joe Biden flip flopped and said the Republicans should let Obama choose Mr. Garland for the Supreme Court. The fake news didn’t call out Biden for being a hypocrite.

    In 2016, the Republicans said, “No. You’re the one who made the BIDEN RULE.” And the Republicans did to the democrats in 2016 what the democrats did to the Republicans back in 1992. Finally the score was even! NOW BIDEN IS FLIP FLOPPING back to 1992 again! He is starting it all over again in 2020. You don’t hear the fake news calling Biden a hypocrite or even telling you the whole story. Here is the clip: https://youtu.be/_7qGVkrGiNk

  3. The trouble is that regardless of what retributions you take he has the votes and will put his person on the court. Elections change and political parties change back and forth all the time. This is not the case for the Supreme Court. Just look how long Ginsberg was on the court almost 25 years and would have been longer had she not had such terrible medical problems.

    The Dems with Harry Reid pushed through an amendment back in the early Obama years for the purpose of getting the Obama Care thing through that eliminated the 60% needed to filibuster and all you need now in a simple majority to win with the VP breaking a 50-50 tie vote. Trumpis can lose 3 people and still get the nominee through and there are only 4 real possible Republican flips or non voted for the Dems to work on. Congratulation Harry Reid you sold out a super pivotal SCOTUS pick for a health care plan that was mediocre at best. remember Trumpis has the power of the “purse” and that is mighty convincing to those “iffy” Republican Senators

    The 1937 Judicial Reform Bill makes it almost impossible to enlarge the size of the Supreme Court especially now that it will be dominated by conservatives.


  4. What’s next? 4 more liberal judges appointed by President Biden, one of them being Hillary Clinton bwahahaha! I love the sound of DrumpfCockholster’s heads exploding on a daily basis!


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