1. The key to chloroquine is (1) to take it very early and not when in critical care and (2) take it in a dosage to match weight (which is higher then normal). This is the issue as India has over three weeks back offered to front line healthcare workers chloroquine. Many European countries are quietly using it in mass to avoid runs on this. ALL of the statistical evidence for chloroquine is positive and again if applied as a prophylactic it could save many lives! Our old school medical community is locked in analysis paralysis as people die. It is also important to understand that the way chloroquine works is rather basic in that it is an ionophore and allows the uptake of zinc into the cells cytoplasm which impedes the replication of the virus RNA. Again it is a very simple working drug. Also the heart issue is from Z-Pack and not chloroquine as this cocktail is used to treat the very sick (i.e. Z-Pack & chloroquine) whereas chloroquine and zinc could be used as prophylactic!

  2. it’s April now and people in Western countries are still debating about this??
    just look at the numbers of people getting infected in countries which recommend wear masks and to countries that doesn’t. The stats is right there in front of you.
    it’s common sense to wear masks during flu season or other droplet air transmitting pandemic diseases.

    I am from Taiwan when corona virus first broke out in January every country is in shortage of masks, they want to save them for health workers so government tried to tell us you don’t need to wear masks. but in Asia we learned from SARS, we know that was a lie and propaganda I remember getting pissed when watching the news. this was just a strategy for government to buy time and make enough masks for everybody. About a week or two later whole narrative changed new articles pictures all came out to encourage wearing masks and teach you which mask helps on what level and which doesn’t.

    bottom line is masks helps to protect “YOU and OTHERS” from the virus period.
    nobody like to wear masks I get it, it’s hot and uncomfortable. back in SARS days I didn’t wear one too because I was young, arrogant and stupid, but now I wear it every time I go out not only I know better but also the Coronavirus is just on another level compare to SARS.

    right now it seems in western countries there still aren’t enough masks to go around so best thing to do is to stay home, wash hands, don’t touch face, and if you need to go out wear cloth masks, DIY masks, or bandana is better than nothing.

  3. God’s words, be honest, trueful, humber, love and cares planting more good and healthy seeds in our mentle heart, it shall growth into more beautiful, colourful global gardens, working toward happiness & peacefulness shared the resources under one roof no body own this planet.

  4. Can all you idiots wearing tampons on your face still smell my farts through my Gucci underwear and Levi Jeans??? Fukn bird brains.


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