1. It’s goin over 3 weeks of missed paychecks for me 1200 is not gonna cut it for me we need another payment or alot of Americans are in trouble

    • We don’t need anymore payments, we need to go back to work, the Democrats and Liberal Media have been trying to crash the economy and now they have done it, their next goal is to get everyone dependent on government to survive, that is what this is all about.

    • @Yamaha Venture I totally agree I make more money at work then on unemployment but if I can’t go back then the government needs to pay me for telling me to stay home an not work just how it works cause I can’t go get a job because all jobs are closed I’m out of money have 2 daughters to take care of so alot of Americans have no choice but to get assistance from the government while this virus is going on it sucks I don’t want to depend on anyone let alone the government but gotta do what you gotta do to survive so I need more then that 1200 payment

  2. Has anyone gotten a check yet?? I guess all the people in the media are eating. Lots of food in your pantry? Maybe you guys don’t care because your family gets to eat.

  3. We Don’t need stimulus bills that do nothing for the people, what we need is to stop this stupid lock down and let people go back to work.

    Rule number 1: People Die

    Rule number 2. Doctors can’t change rule number 1

  4. WarBond no escape.
    It’s written and so are the whole world prepared against Jewish🕎✡Nation🇮🇱IsraEL. So it will be war🗡🗡🏹. All the hatred will be killed.

  5. The INFINITE STUPIDITY of Congress and Executive is beyond ridiculous, beyond ludicrous; it’s gone to plaid.

  6. God God .Spend spend spend over a shutdown caused by a flu virus.
    Just get businesses back up and running and let people out of their house arrests


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