1. So donate it to pantries and homeless shelters instead of destroying it because you can’t sell it for a profit! This whole idea is sickening.

    Especially during this pandemic where people are wanting to stockpile and buy in bulk… I bet there are many families who would pay the restaurant price for the larger portions that these places are tossing out. That would leave the smaller packages at the grocery stores for families who can’t afford to buy in bulk.

  2. how much mike you can buy for your own family?
    honey, i’ll take-it from your tap. doesn’t get any
    fresher than that…with an expiration date when
    ya turn sixty when it starts to turn.

  3. supply chain is intentionally a way of causing a mass famine it’s the purpose of it whole thing is to make sure there’s not enough supply in anywhere house anywhere in case of an emergency they just ship enough to get each store through that week which means you’re bound to have food shortages crisis riots it’s insane it’s all about global corporation’s profits and they don’t give a damn about the welfare of any world population


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