1. Social Media needs regulations, I hate to talk about censorship, because it’s just not what I believe in, but we can no longer allow hate groups to practice on this platform or any other for that matter. When your idea of free speech is talking about the oppression of another, it is no longer considered free speech. If the FCC can ban foul language from tv and radio, then social media can ban hate groups from their platforms!

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse should have shot more Rioters. Maybe take some Scalps or ears for Right Wing trophies!! 🍺🍺👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I took my profile down 8 months ago and will never have one again.Suckerburg is a big part of what’s wrong with the world today.We never had this problem before facebook .There’s some things this world does not need.I wish somehow we could take this platform down.Everybody is in everybody’s business too much in the first place.Gee wiz I am happy not hearing from people and what they are doing every day in their lives.I love all my family and friends I had on my profile but for christ sakes I don’t care what you do all the time and most of the time people on facebook need to keep some things private about their lives but there is no boundaries anymore on there.If I want to speak to anyone I live from my fb I know how to use a dang phone.Facebook also makes people act so fake.

  4. Its wasnt taken down because they support it until they found out the kid killed people now they back up so they can say they are not associated with it.

  5. Let’s look at how many people this “armed militia” hurt or killed, vs Black Lives Matter. But we’re all upset over this one small group that is choosing to protect themselves by using their 2nd amendment rights. And if you keep watching this video, they blame Trump for FB taking down “left wing” posts like they shouldn’t have been taken down. Hello! There are bad people on both sides but the Left, by far, are spreading more hate and violence. All you have to do is look at the facts to understand that.

  6. Big Zuckerberg is Watching you/ 1984, By George Orwell= strategies on how to dupe the people and all world…


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