1. yeah just motion someone every time to find out if itโ€™s man or zone lmao why has nobody never thought of that?

  2. D.K. Was literally locked up the whole game but that deep route made him look like he owned Gilmore the whole game ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜”

  3. Your channel does everything Id expect so called “sport shows” on major networks to do, but never do. All they do are talking about politics and Twitter wars.

  4. I love the seahawks im a huge fan its just I hate our offensive line so much Russ gets sacked like at least 2 a drive. And I hate to say it but at times I question pete carrolls decision making like he’ll decide to run with slow ass chris carson on 3rd and 18 with a full run stop blitz.

  5. Great video – I’m a new-ish convert to the NFL, and these match up break-downs are extremely useful and informative. Its great to see the techniques that these guys are using explained.
    Keep up the good content!

  6. That was a perfect throw by Wilson. Gilmore was right there to break up the pass and make the tackle. Metcalf just used his body to block Gilmore from breaking up that pass, like he should have. The touchdown was a bonus because of his size.

  7. Patriots tend to cover man to man even on the goal line with offensive blockers like #69. It’s how Cam eventually got stuffed because #69 was looking for Wagner. Patriots play more man to man because they believe they’re superior than any other team. Big mistake vs Pete Carrol. Belichick bought into Newtons ego and that was their downfall.


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