1. I believe he’d be a great fit in New England. He’s the type of guy a team can rally around and I think he will be the type of QB that is called overrated and be a great game manager but that’s the type of QB Bill loves and can win Super Bowls with.

  2. You know whats great about falling in the draft theres a better chance you get picked by a complete team just missing that one key piece . instead of the worst team team last year

  3. So proud of you jay man I wish we(falcons) would have taken you I see exactly what’s going to happen once you get your opportunity. You heard it here first BOSS up on em and stay humble. 🙏🏾

  4. A lot of people react off flight or fight reactions. If they can get that under control, theyll be beast mode. Not in the bad terminology of it, either. Meaning, theyll go hard with it!

  5. Don’t be upset Jalen. You made it bruh bruh. We all human now. Dont forget that! Dont be intimidated by NO-BODY

  6. Honestly he reminds me of Dak Prescott they both have good arm’s there both very accurate they have good footwork they run well there both 6 ft 2 and only 7 lb difference. Dak is 229 he’s 222 wow i can’t wait to see them go against each other on the field. Eagles will hopefully start him over Wentz cause honestly Wentz gets hurt way to much he’s a great QB but he’s not very reliable every year his injuries catch up with him. There’s a reason Dak hasn’t missed a game in 4 straight years he has a wide body type that’s built perfectly for football same as Jalen Hurts. Good luck and God bless everyone stay safe.

  7. See as a Oklahoma Sooners fan I wanted him to go to my Steelers but noooooo he went to the wrong Pennsylvania team


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