1. Why dont the saints move up for Okudah maybe because 2 of the last 3 playoff losses came down to the secondary the first time it was just not smart he should of just tackled diggs the second I dont even wanna talk about that the third time it was a tight end who better to cover a tight end then Okudah

  2. Nah they like mishew first yr player did well . Tha could be a solid addition but this dumb team trades all their stars it’s said two yrs ago inches from a bowl game

  3. After Okudah there is a huge drop in CB quality I don’t see anyone after Okudah being worthy of a 1st rnd pick they all have huge flaws in their games

  4. Love to see BRONCOS trade down from #15 & then get Jefferson Mims or Higgins [WR #2] then Trade back into 1str rnd with SF to get BPA at OT or OG… then as Lammey stated Broncos will have [BOTH #2WR & Ol guy] 2 1st rnd guys with cap friendly 5th yr options considering the heavy 2019 draft haul will want to get paid at the same time! Also the trade down might yieild a #1 2021 so Broncos end up with 2 1st rndrs 2020 & then 2 1st rndrs in 2021…HELLO SURTAIN II…ALL for a simple trade down in a loaded draft to get extra picks AND a top 15 guy anyway!

  5. I just don’t understand the Jordan Love hype. He didn’t play anyone and still threw a boat load INTs. Throwing INTs in the big five conferences is considered questionable. How is Love coming from a smaller school and throwing questionable passes consistently less eyebrow raising?

  6. SAINTS dont need a QB this draft, the need is having a solid LB. Besides there better QBs that will later be available like Fields or Lawrence aka sunshine.

  7. Love how all the guys have the whole video to talk, but the one girl doesnt even get to finish and the video just ends

  8. Okudah will not be there at 9. But moving on from Gardner Minshew might be a waste of resources. Trading a lot, but it might be a downgrade. Trading up for someone that might genuinely be an expensive downgrade. Minshew can play, and that team has serious positions of need.


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