1. Man I love that. This is the time in which I watched more baseball, than any time after that. Seeing all these players again is a great memory

  2. This year, I reached one of my proudest financial milestones amassing over $600,000 in savings. I’ve been investing in stocks and bitcoins, just owned a home through this and about starting my cookie factory. This has really been my savior

    • Se tenía que decir y se dijo, pero los moralistas del baseball no están preparados para esta discusión.

    • @Juan Peralta Reaal, por mas que critiquen fue la mejor epoca de este deporte, todos los mejores de la historia jugaron en esa epoca

  3. How could you have and all century team an not have the greatest right fielder in the history of baseball? Roberto Clemente

  4. I just found a rare hat on EBay one of 2 I found but a Derek Jeter hat from this game it just arrived at my home it’s awesome too


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