1. Reuploads everywhere! Bro ive been subbed for a few years but it ends now. If there aint content to make, dont make it

  2. 1) The problem isn’t how slow he is, but that he doesn’t realize it — horrible judgement on some of those plays.
    2) It’s funny that every player feels guilty like they’re tagging out their grandpa at a family picnic.

    BTW, Angel fan here. Pujols is a legend, but the Angels paid way too much for him.

  3. We get it, Albert’s slow. He is playing on an obviously broken down body. Yet, playing sparingly still has 4 doubles and 3 home runs. He will go down as one of the handful of greatest hitters ever. Leads all 3000+ hitters in intentional walks. Only player ever with over 650 home runs and doubles. Perhaps the best combination of power and batting eye ever. Never struck out 100 times in a season. Let it rest, and enjoy this old war horse in the twilight of his career. He is universally respected by all players. That says everything.


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